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Kill City: The New Sonja Blue Novel and Kickstarter

nancy collins kickstarter kill city

Nancy A. Collins is the distinguished author of the well-known horror and urban fantasy vampire series featuring the main character, Sonja Blue. She hasn’t written a new Sonja Blue tale in over ten years, and her fans have hoped to remedy this situation. Ms. Collins intends to do just that by writing the novel, “Kill […]

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Frankenweenie Set Tour! (video)

On October 5, 2012, Walt Disney Pictures released Tim Burton’s newest directorial effort with Frankenweenie. It is the tale of a boy and his dog. When Victor Frankenstein’s dog, Sparky, is hit by a car and killed, Victor uses galvanism to inspire him to bring Sparky back to life. He is successful, but there are […]

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7500 Trailer

7500 trailer

A routine flight from Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo goes awry. The passengers and crew are subjected to a supernatural force as the nighttime flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean. The movie is directed by Takashi Shimizu, who also created the Ju-on horror film series. The cast includes Amy Smart, Ryan […]

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Paranormal Activity 4 (Trailer)

paranormal activity 4

“Paranormal Activity 4” extends the “Paranormal Activity” film franchise with this fourth installment. A sequel to “Paranormal Activity 2”, it brings the story of main character Katie, played once again by actress Katie Featherston, and her nephew Hunter, that she kidnapped at the end of the second movie. Katie, who is still possessed by the […]

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Kiil’s Vardoger Mini Film with Mortiis Soundtrack

vardger mortiis video

Norwegian shock director, Reinert Kiil, has teamed up with the dark band Mortiis to make a short film titled “Vardoger”. The film debuted in the Netherlands earlier this month at the BUT film festival and at the Oslo Fright Fest. The soundtrack to the film, “Geisteskrank”, was performed by Mortiis. The track came about during […]

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Silent Hill Revelation 3D Trailer

silent hill evelation

In this scene from the upcoming movie, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, we are introduced to the main character, Heather Mason, played by Adelaide Clemens. This film is a sequel to the 2006 “Silent Hill”, a movie based on the popular survival horror video game of the same name. The town of Silent Hill is not […]

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Interview with Grimm star star Silas Weir Mitchel

Silas Weird Mitchel as Monroe on Grimm

Silas Weir Mitchell plays Monroe on NBC’s fairy tale police procedural drama Grimm. Monroe means the titular Grimm Detective Nick Burkhardt in the course of a case and starts helping Nick come to terms with his newfound ability to both see and combat monsters. Monroe himself is Wesen (Grimm speak for supernatural critter). He is […]

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Drew Pinniger Masters Grimm Props

grimm beeware stinger

What does it take to design props for NBC’s fairytale police procedural drama Grimm? Propmaster Drew Pinniger gives us a glimpse in this video interview. He is especially proud of a Jules Verne-inspired bee stinger weapon, but it did not get a lot of air time in the actual episode it was on last season, […]

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Grimm Season 2 Trailer

David Giuntoli Grimm Season 2 Cake

NBC’s television show Grimm is a cop show. With the twist that Detective Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm. This means he can see through the fae glamour the monsters of the Pacific NW use to conceal themselves from mortal man and walk among us. Plus he has some useful super strength and that sort of […]

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Universal Classic Monsters Remastered

universal classic monsters remastered

In celebration of Universal’s 100th anniversary, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is releasing on Blu-ray, for the first time ever, digitally restored in high-definition picture and sound, eight of their masterpieces from the horror genre titled, “Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection”. The box set can be found in stores on October 2, 2012, just in […]

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