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Face Off: Heavenly Bodies


Remember last season when I made fun of the ballet finale? Well they actually found a way to make it worse. So much worse. I’m going to spend some portion of this recap mocking the finale itself, because it was eminently risible. But to be totally clear, George, Tyler, and Rashaad are awesome and did […]

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Game of Thrones: Breaker of Chains


Everyone is still playing the Game of Thrones, but the interesting thing this week is who actually still enjoys it. In the immediate aftermath of the murder, Sansa flees and is lead to a ship by her fool of a savior. Littlefinger is aboard the ship, all whispers and lies. He reveals the method of […]

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Face Off: Cry Wolf


A classic supernatural showdown cuts the Face Off field to the final three. Last week’s non-elimination challenge lead directly to this week’s second part. Each artist has to make a werewolf that is the nemesis of last week’s international vampire. Sounds good. This was a mostly uneventful episode. George had trouble with his injured wrist, […]

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Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose


Wedding bells are ringing in King’s Landing, and everyone is gathered together for this joyous occasion. We revisit Ramsay Snow and Theon Greyjoy, now known as Reek, to start the episode off. Ramsay and his…girlfriend?…are hunting some poor girl because Ramsay thought she made the girlfriend jealous. The girl is torn apart by dogs. All […]

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Face Off: Bloodsuckers


This season of Face Off grinds along, with the remaining four contestants creating international vampires this week. Notice that the remaining four artists are the nicest, most helpful, enthusiastic people on the show? Not that everyone who’s been eliminated was a jerk or anything. Lots of nice, helpful, enthusiastic folks have gone by the wayside. […]

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Game of Thrones: Two Swords


The fourth season of Game of Thrones leaps right into the fray, with broken romances, vengeance fulfilled, and plans for a wedding. Game of Thrones obviously has a lot of complicated pieces in play, and at times it’s guilty of spending entire episodes just positioning those pieces, lining them up for future collisions. But this […]

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Face Off: Industrial Revolution


A robotic challenge brings out the best in most of the remaining artists on this week’s Face Off. At Union Station, McKenzie talks about robots replacing humans. Everyone has to pick an occupation and create a robot that can do it, making sure it has a major technological advantage over humans. Right off the bat […]

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Walking Dead: A


Terminus! Season finale! Brutal murders! And from it all emerges a new Rick Grimes: the warrior king. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are on the road heading toward Terminus. They stop for the night to sleep in an abandoned truck. Remember how those scumbags Daryl was with were tracking Rick for killing their buddy in the […]

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Face Off: Freaks of Nature


On this week’s Face Off, the contestants mastermind some mutants and I continue to be confused about the judging. Only six remain! So it’s off to a prestigious FX school (and Neville’s alma mater) to design creatures based on genetic mutations. The cool part of this was that, instead of just sketching, each artist got […]

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The Walking Dead: Us


Was anyone else kind of nervous about Walking Dead this week? Luckily it was just a long dark tunnel full of the reanimated dead. There are very few shows I’ll watch the opening credit sequence for over and over, even if I’ve DVRed the show and could fast forward. Walking Dead is one. The theme […]

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