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The Order 1886


The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive where an elite knight known as Galahad, the player, must battle an ancient adversary in Victorian-era London with advanced technology. Our first impression is that this adventure is another third-person shooter with glorious, fluid visuals, a variety of weapons with a steampunk feel and a gallery of nasty […]

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Immortal Day


Immortal Day is a free browser based text-adventure for ages 17+ where you can masquerade as a vampire, hunter, hybrid, lycanthrope or a zombie. It’s simple to set up an interesting new character account and you can also easily log in via Facebook. Forget about tending your crops in FarmVille 2 because this dark supernatural […]

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Bloodborne is a third-person action role-playing game, exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and due next year. Everybody loves a little dark fantasy. Traipse the cobblestone lanes of Yharnam’s cityscape. Appreciate the aesthetically pleasing tall fences and gates—check out that intricate filigree! Something sinister, however, lurks in the bowels of this glorious city. People are diseased […]

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Eldritch Horror Expansion Forsaken Lore

Eldritch Horror Expansion Forsaken Lore

Fantasy Flight Games presents a cooperative tabletop experience where you and your friends attempt to save the world from one of H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous Ancient Ones. If you have already played Eldritch Horror, and you are a glutton for punishment, then you know how addictive and thrilling it is to prevent Cthulhu from awakening or […]

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Demon: the Descent brings fallen angels to the World of Darkness RPG


The World of Darkness has had a bumpy ride on the business side of the gaming industry, but Kickstarter might be the savior of the classic contemporary horror role-playing game. White Wolf’s World of Darkness introduced gamers to Vampire: the Masquerade and other supernatural RPGs. The game world was rebooted in 2004, but White Wolf’s […]

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Crystal Brush Awards Offer Impressive Prizes to Miniature Painters


Collecting and painting miniatures has been a part of the gaming hobby for decades. Wargamers and RPGers spend hours brushing on the tiniest details to show off at the gaming table. Cool Mini or Not’s Crystal Brush awards allows those efforts to be recognized with some pretty sweet prizes. Cool Mini or Not is loaded […]

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Zombie Survival Map

zombie survival map

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? You are now that the team at Doejo have designed this game in order to prepare the masses for a zombie invasion. Once you go to the Zombie Survival Map website, you can share your location or type in your zip code, city or address. Utilizing Google Maps […]

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The Horrors of Gen Con (PICS)

gencon ed grabianowski

Gen Con, the biggest gaming convention in North America, took place in Indianapolis week before last. I was there on the front lines, sorting through all the wizards and elves to find the finest in horror gaming and cosplay. There were a lot of zombies. Horror gaming is mostly divided between zombies and Cthulhu. Cthulhu […]

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Angry Birds Day

angry birds

Tomorrow, December 11, 2011 is Angry Birds Day. It is the game’s second anniversary. Are you a fan of Angry Birds, the popular game found on cell phones and iPads everywhere? There are a lot of supporters, worldwide, who enjoy to sling birds at unsuspecting pigs. These people have decided to unite and have their […]

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The Greatest Video Game Music


On “The Greatest Video Game Music”, you will find tunes that bring back all kinds of memories. The brilliant London Philharmonic Orchestra ALONG WITH THEIR HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR MELODIES and Andrew Skeet work together to compose tracks from games such as Splinter Cell, Battlefield 2, and Call of Duty 4, to name a few. The track […]

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