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Maria Alexander Reads Her Xmas Story Coming Home

pseudopod the sound of horror podcasts

Shawn Garret at Pseudopod brings you the auditory pleasure of Maria Alexander reading the creepy holiday story “Coming Home”. Pseudopod, the sound of horror, has been publishing horror podcasts since 2006. Check them out. bonus Christmas flash – Coming HomeDecember 23rd, 2011 2:02 amBy Maria AlexanderThe text of this story is available at You […]

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Year of the Dead 2012 Calendar

Do you like zombies? How about zombies in bikinis? If you said yes to either of those questions, The Year of the Dead Calendar may just be for you. This is a traditional 12 month calendar that boasts scantily-clad, beautiful, undead girls doing what zombies do best for each month of the year. Some of […]

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Rue Morgue Tagline Contest

Over at the Rue Morgue site, they recently ran a contest that allowed listeners of their podcasts to come up with a provocative and ballsy tagline for any horror film. The only requirement was that the tagline needed to be original and along the lines of something you would see on a t-shirt. Ten lucky […]

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Saints & Sinners Gothic Couture and Free Pandora Goodie Bag

saints sinners heavy red

Heavy Red is about to have their second annual Pandora’s Bag Holiday Event. Starting Thursday Nov 24 12:01am, one minute after the witching hour, the sale kicks off. There are last chance gothic couture items available at deep fifty percent off discounts and your order will come with a fabulous goodie bag, which includes items […]

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Fangoria Ice Cream

nitro ice cream yogurt

Have you ever thought about making ice cream with a burst of liquid nitrogen to cool it off? The folks at Nitro have made it happen! At their unique ice cream and frozen yogurt stores, customers are allowed to pick a base from many options, a color, flavor, and mix in. Once the ingredients are […]

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman Coming to HBO

american gods neil gaiman

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tom Hanks’ Playtone Productions will be producing six seasons of American Gods, based on favorite Neil Gaiman‘s writing, for HBO. This promises to continue HBO’s track record for high quality television firsts with a new level of special effects. The series-in-development, revolving around the question “are you a god […]

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Dead Island Hanged Zombie Censored

dead island logo hanged zombie censored

There apparently a ratings board for video games which some people take seriously, probably for distribution reasons. It is called the Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB. This past week it nixed the logo for the Dead Island video game. The Dead Island logo (pictured) featured a hanged zombie, dangling from a tree. The new […]

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Fangoria Gets Naked

fangoria peter diablow octomouth

Fangoria has launched a new NSFW naked Fangorotica section on the Fangoria site. Naked enough to require an age gate where you tell the site your birthday to get in. Given how many photos of naked people are on the internet, it might not be immediately obvious to the casual reader how ballsy this is. […]

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Free Gorzone 58 Digital Edition

gorzone 58 digital edition

From the UK, Gorzone magazine is offering a free digital edition of Gorzone 58 (NSFW). From the name, you might expect this magazine to be all about the most bloody gruesome horror, but, although they do cover a fair amount of slasher material, their focus is on the babes. Gorzone is currently on issue number […]

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Dita on CSI A Kiss Before Frying

Blue Blood (SFW) reports that burlesque star and Blue Blood (NSFW) beauty is doing a star turn on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tonight. You can check out this gallery from CSI, tune in to CBS tonight, or watch the show on the CBS web site after it airs. Tonight, Dita Von Teese is gracing […]

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