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Crystal Brush Awards Offer Impressive Prizes to Miniature Painters

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Crystal Brush

Collecting and painting miniatures has been a part of the gaming hobby for decades. Wargamers and RPGers spend hours brushing on the tiniest details to show off at the gaming table. Cool Mini or Not’s Crystal Brush awards allows those efforts to be recognized with some pretty sweet prizes.

Cool Mini or Not is loaded with galleries of miniatures painted in exquisite detail and lovingly photographed. They also manufacture and distribute several lines of miniatures. To celebrate the art of mini painting, they created the Crystal Brush awards.

The Crystal Brushes are awarded in April at Chicago’s Adepticon. Painters can enter minis in several categories based on mini type and size. Winners in each category get trophies (and they’re rather nice trophies). The top three overall winners also get prizes of $10,000, $2,000, and $1,000.

While the 2013 Crystal Brush awards have already been given out (you can see a gallery of the winners here), the 2014 “season” is underway, with the first in a series of qualifiers occurring at CMON Expo in mid-May. Category winners get vouchers that can be spent at the Cool Mini or Not online shop, while the overall winner gets airfare to Adepticon to compete in the 2014 finals.

Keep an eye on Crystal Brush and Cool Mini or Not for info on more qualifiers as they’re announced.

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