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Demon: the Descent brings fallen angels to the World of Darkness RPG

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Demon: the Descent

The World of Darkness has had a bumpy ride on the business side of the gaming industry, but Kickstarter might be the savior of the classic contemporary horror role-playing game.

White Wolf’s World of Darkness introduced gamers to Vampire: the Masquerade and other supernatural RPGs. The game world was rebooted in 2004, but White Wolf’s release schedule slowed to a crawl in 2010. I talked to some sources in the gaming industry, and apparently layoffs at parent company CCP effectively rendered White Wolf extinct as a company. White Wolf creative director Richard Thomas formed a new company, Onyx Path, a licensed the material from White Wolf/CCP. In the absence of the resources of a large publishing house, Onyx Path has turned to print on demand and crowdfunding to get new games published.

Case in point: Demon: the Descent, a game created for the new World of Darkness. It relies heavily on the concept of the God-Machine, introduced in the God-Machine Chronicle book. Players portray former agents of the God-Machine (also known as angels) who have defected, or “fallen” and become the Unchained. As demons, they walk the earth trying to escape the God-Machine’s vengeance while seeking refuge in the one place they can enjoy true freedom: Hell.

The gnostic mysticism here reminds me of the classic RPG Kult. This certainly sounds like something that could play out as much heavier than, say, vampire clan politics. The Kickstarter has already been an enormous success. Getting in at $50 will get you a print version of the book, although the WoD core rules are required to play.

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