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Dita on CSI A Kiss Before Frying

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Blue Blood (SFW) reports that burlesque star and Blue Blood (NSFW) beauty is doing a star turn on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tonight. You can check out this gallery from CSI, tune in to CBS tonight, or watch the show on the CBS web site after it airs.

Tonight, Dita Von Teese is gracing CBS with her lovely self on CSI: Crime Scene investigation. She plays the love interest for Eric Szmanda’s character Greg Sanders. The episode is called A Kiss Before Frying and makes good use of Dita’s retro charms, with a combination of sexy burlesque performance interludes and riffs on classic movies like Casablanca and A Kiss Before Dying. Electrocution and Dita splashing around in a giant cocktail glass, what more could you want? Kudos to the writers on this one, credited as creators Ann Donahue and Anthony E. Zuiker and staff writer Richard J. Lewis, but I think the credits at the start of the show said Evan Dunsky. Television is sometimes collaborative, so it’s hard to tell, but good work.

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