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Evil Dead The Musical

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Evil Dead The Musical. Yes, it is a thing. At a glance this musical seems to be a poor satirical cash cow that the playwrights are milking for all its worth. After all, the Evil Dead brand is a cult classic. Upon further investigation, however, this humble and creative team from Canada have actually created something incredible.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead is great source material for a stage show. Bruce brought the ‘camp’ in Campbell with his iconic role as Ash—the guy with the hand that went bad and lopped it off at the wrist. Did someone say chainsaw?

Evil Dead II (1987) had a lot of surreal moments where the cabin was just as zany as the deadites and lends itself well to a theatre act. The original Evil Dead flick brought the gore and the slapstick and memorable cinematic camera shots that have informed the musical production.


The success of Evil Dead The Musical did not happen overnight. Momentum has been gathering since Toronto’s debut show in 2003. Ever since lucky punters in Tokyo, Madrid, New York, Las Vegas and Seoul have witnessed this masterpiece.

Hopefully Evil Dead The Musical shambles its way to your town. As Ash would say: groovy.

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