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Exclusive Interview with SyFy Face Off Season 2 Winner Rayce Bird

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Now, let’s turn to Face/Off Season 2 champion Rayce Bird, who took top honors with a three-part design that depicted a trio cosmic beings representing light, darkness, and a transitional phase. Rayce was kind enough to answer some of our questions about Face Off and offer advice to the new contestants.

Ed Grabianowski for What have you been up to since winning season 2 of Face Off? Has the prize and the spotlight on your skills opened up new opportunities for you?

Rayce Bird: I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff! Mostly conceptual designs for some possible upcoming films. I also have some projects of my own that I’m working on that will be really cool once they are finished! Many of the Face Off fans will enjoy them. And of course every once in a while I will throw psychotic tattoo on some flesh. Face Off has definitely opened some doors for me and I am very excited for what’s currently in the works.

EG: What have you got planned in the near future?

RB: I’ve got some photo shoots coming up that will be pretty cool. Makeup for Photoshop World in September. And also later in September I will be starting a project with some other talented people. The project is called “When Mercury Bleeds,” a concept for a web series and possible feature film. I’ll be pretty busy with that for the next few months. Lots of makeups and CG characters.

EG: Who are your design/effects heroes?

RB: I grew up a huge Giger fan. His designs have inspired me my whole life! Steve Wang, Rick Baker and Jordu Schell were people I always followed throughout their careers. Big fan of Chet Zar and his work on Tool’s music videos, both are very relevant to the way I approach character designs.

EG: What advice would you give to the season 3 contestants?

RB: Learn to control your time and do what you think looks good to you. And sometimes you have to break the rules if your design calls for it. It’s your only opportunity to show what you got, so do it!

EG: Will you be involved in season 3 at all, as a guest judge or anything like that?

RB: You may have to tune in and see! All I can say is this will be a really cool season on Face Off!

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