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Face Off: Dark Magic

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Face Off Dark Magic

On this week’s Face Off, so many shocking things happened. But actually nothing happened at all.

Let’s get the Laney situation out of the way. She woke up feeling upset about Eddie being gone or just being homesick or something. It’s cool, everyone deals with that. Then the first day of the challenge she’s not feeling it and doesn’t really sculpt anything, opting for a good cry in the bathroom instead. Tate and Roy try to help and get her to work some more, but the following morning all that’s left is a note and some B-roll of Laney walking out the door.

I’ve been a big Laney fan all along, but bailing out like that was lame. The producers didn’t think it was worth dwelling on, and neither do I.

The challenge this week has a vague tie-in to the new Thor movie, and requires the contestants to create dark elves based on Norse runes they select blindly. Laura has a huge advantage here, since she’s a fan of Dungeons & Dragons and really familiar with the D&D version of dark elves. It was great watching Laura’s nerdy self emerge as she started talking excitedly about dark elves. I’m rooting so hard for her to win this season (TV recap writers don’t have to be impartial, do they?).

Not a whole lot happened during the design phase. No real mold drama, other than Miranda not actually making any. Laura showed off a cool technique for making scars, and even though it didn’t seem to work as well as she’d hoped, she did have a really nicely detailed rune scar on her model’s neck.

Miranda started off with a very original Aztec-themed design, but I guess she just sat there for about 12 hours over two days sculpting and resculpting the cowl. She literally failed to finish her piece (she was pulling major pieces out of the molds during last looks, the first time I’ve ever seen that on Face Off). The paint job was slapped on totally half-assed. But aside from that, the sculpt didn’t turn out that great. I liked the forehead piece and the idea of the cowl, plus the way it looked like hammered metal, but the ear/cowl split was terrible.

It’s funny seeing everyone react to their models arriving. We only have veterans left at this point, so they’ve worked with some of these models dozens of times. Miranda put her model to work and even remarked that he’d done as much work on her piece as she had. Roy even joked that the model will be appearing on Face Off season eight (Face Off did get renewed for another season, by the way).

Roy’s psychic power themed dark elf was a little different, with a sort of reptilian face to go with the bulbous head. I bought it as a sort of degenerate elf living in deep, dank caves. The judges didn’t think it looked elfy enough. Remember artists, don’t just make the obvious design choices, but definitely don’t deviate from the judges’ often overly simple ideas of what concepts fit within a given challenge. That’s the kiss of death.

Tate’s elf was the most evil looking of the lot, with her crackled skin and particularly malevolent face. I thought the skin could have contrasted better with the armor (A touch of bronze in the armor paint, perhaps), but as Ve observed, the red costume accents looked great. I can’t argue with Tate winning this week, even though I really wanted Laura to win.

Laura drew on her dark elf experience and created something fairly close to a classic drow. If only some of the runes painted on her skin had had some spider motifs. I’d have definitely picked Laura over Tate tonight, but they were both really good.

Miranda did so poorly the judges considered eliminating her on principle even though Laney technically counts as someone getting tossed. I wouldn’t have argued with that decision either. In fact, I’m getting tired enough of Miranda’s, “I’m going home this week,” routine that I kind of wish she’d been right for once.

So in the end, Tate won (but didn’t win anything of material value of significance) and Miranda lost but wasn’t sent home.

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