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Face Off: Guitar Gods

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Face Off Guitar Gods

A desultory Face Off challenge results in a few interesting designs and one hilarious failure.

First up is an immunity challenge, creating characters based on motorcycles. Decent idea, some nice bikes, and original Face Off judge Patrick Tatopoulos returns briefly. I thought that ghostly green and black rider was the most interesting character, but Daran won immunity with a very cool skull face and elaborate hair piece.

The main challenge is to create a rock star based on a distinctive guitar. I’m with you so far. Then the critical error, the kiss of the death: “make sure your creature looks like it’s literally fusing with the guitar.” Eh. That’s boring and predictable, and inevitably leads to designs with goofy guitar necks and strings hanging off in nonsensical ways. No one would ever use a design like that in a movie. It would have been much better to just leave it at monstrous rock stars, sort of like the motorcycle challenge didn’t force them to make the creatures look like parts of motorcycles.

The design and sculpting phase was fairly uneventful, other than Tess’ panic attack. It happens. Cat and Niko made a huge body/cowl piece. Rashaad cemented his position as my favorite artist, doing more awesome fabrication and looking stellar in a blonde wig. He and Tyler made a great team all around.

The editors made sure we heard Ve say, “Rock and roll hoochie-coo” about 20 times, something no one needs to hear spoken aloud. Ve’s bitchin’ tally was pretty high this week too.

Cat and Niko’s middle look demon was solid, if unspectacular. The strings down the spine were a good touch. There was another middle look that I am completely blanking on. I guess it was some kind of rock monster with a guitar sticking out? Oh right, the punk rock thing. So that was…forgettable.

Rashaad and Tyler did some seriously great work making that grafted guitar idea work. He still had silly guitar neck horns, but the face looked sort of like a Transformer that transforms into a guitar, and they totally nailed the crackle paint job. I’d have given this one the win.

Daran and George created a pretty amazing, bizarre creature. All in white, with glowing blue eyes in a creepy skull, and a shimmering globe for a head. I 100 percent appreciate that they tried to design something so crazy and unique, fueled in part by Daran’s immunity. The concept was sweet, and the execution…almost. I know the model has to be able to see, but the fact that her face was clearly visible in the skull really threw it off and made it hard to actually visualize the face shape they wanted you to see. It also didn’t have a clearly defined mouth. It was just like skull eyes on a neck. I still would have made this a top look, but not the winner.

Chloe and Tanner had a classic red Flying V to work with, and created a sharp, angular guitar goddess with leather and spikes and dramatic dark eyes. Chloe was surprised to be a bottom look, and I totally agree with her. This felt the judges making arbitrary criticisms because they needed two designs in the bottom looks. “Make it look like the guitar.” Guitar is angular and boxy. “Your design looks too angular and boxy.” I’m just glad the judges aren’t giving notes on scripts.

Tess and Matt tried for a more whimsical approach, but the face never quite got there, and their inability to fabricate left them with just a body paint guitar, which is hilariously short of the mark. But those horns were really the deal breaker. Having a horn fall off, yeah that’s horrible. But even if they stayed on, the sculpting on them was not very good. I hate to see Tess go because she had a fun energy, and she was also “that one contestant you think is really cute” that everyone has each season. Right? It’s not just me that does that?

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