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Face Off Season 6, Episode 7

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I’m jumping in here as a guest writer replacing Ed while he visits a tropical paradise for a little vacation getaway. Don’t worry, folks, your trusty reporter will be back in two weeks, bringing you the scoop on all of your favorite television shows. Until then, thank you for having me.

The challenge tonight started off by taking the contestants to The Magic Castle where they learned they would be designing wizards for this episode. Each person got to choose a wand and build a creature around it. There were a lot of smiles as the project got under way, and considering the variety of wands, I could see why.

Corinne chose a feathered wand and went with a tribal theme that turned out to be an angry, tribal wizard guy that perfectly complimented his wand. Even with minimalistic makeup, she was able to apply what she did use seamlessly and the judges were impressed.

Tyler’s wooden wand inspired a tree wizard that looked great on paper, and even better as he started to build. The headpiece in particular took a decent amount of time, and his attention to detail gave the final product an amazing look. This one could have been hiding in the forest and he would have blended in. I love tree folk, so I was leaning toward this design as a favorite early on.

Another amazing design was George’s part man, part machine wizard. George had picked a wand that reminded him of a light saber, and his creation was definitely more science fiction. Cat went more organic with her choice of a flowered wand. She used the flower to build a flower fairy/wizard, making some gorgeous wings out of heat forming plastic.

Rashaad’s wand was wrapped in barbed wire, and he made a wizard with bony protrusions poking from his face. Daran’s eyeball wand gave him a cool idea of making a woman wizard who was blind and used the wand to see. She was pretty creepy with some dangling teeth and an ornate facemask. It was a very cool idea!

Chloe’s wand had a chunk of crystal at the top, surrounded by filigree, so she wanted to recreate the filigree on her model’s chest plate. She ran out of time before she could execute her vision, and the costume suffered because of it. Graham chose a wand with skulls at the top of it and went with a voodoo theme. Niko chose a wand that could pass for a sonic screwdriver, then went on to design a wizard that would be part man, part machine. He had problems hit early, not leaving him enough time to complete his project to his satisfaction.

Niko’s idea of covering up robotic parts with a human shell proved to be a big flaw when Paul Walker points out that it would be obvious, and not in a good way. It was too late for him to start over, and Niko was left stumped and out of time. Chloe’s artwork was too detailed for her to complete the look adequately in time.

At the reveal, Cat’s flower wizard was too orange and had too many sloppy details on it. Corinne’s tribal design wasn’t a typical wizard, but it was executed well. George’s part man, part machine wizard was a strong component with its human like face blended. It was interesting and futuristic. Rashaad was apprehensive about the simplicity of his design, and the chest plate did look unfinished, but I liked the horns poking out of his face. Niko’s wizard ended up looking like it was going to fall apart if the model moved very much. He was afraid he would be the one to go home at the end.

Rashaad, Graham and Daran were all safe, and Corrine, George and Tyler ended up in the top. Cat’s mess of a design sent her home with the judges calling it a craft store explosion.

In a surprise twist at the end, McKenzie revealed that the contestants would all be going to Japan.

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