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Flower Ballgown

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camellia countessaBlue Blood reports that artist Nicole Dextras is making ballgowns of flowers and leaves. Outfits appropriate for all your dark fae major events.

I am not usually a fan of art which is fleeting or the whole schtick of destroying what one has created. One of the reasons I shoot is to give some permanence to the ephemeral.

But artist Nicole Dextras is doing some really exceptional work in vanishing work. I am particularly impressed with her series of clothing made from plants. For this magnificent series, the concept was to first create a beautiful garment from the renewable sources of flowers and leaves, then to photograph it on a model in both a nature setting and an urban one, and finally, “The third stage consists of a public intervention in a shopping area where the garment wearer engages with passersby regarding issues of disposable consumer goods. The garment/sculpture is later installed in a garden or park setting and left to decompose over time.” Beautiful, thoughtful, and includes the fun of making scenes in public places!

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