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Freakshow 102: Swords a Plenty

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It’s sword swallower’s day on Freakshow’s second episode, “Swords a Plenty”, and Todd’s daughter, Asia, is going to give it a shot. It turns out that sword swallowing goes back thousands of years ago, according to Todd. For the special occasion, Murrugun has a rocket powered sword he’s going to swallow that he has to use very carefully, biting down on the blade before it is propelled too far and pierces his stomach. Brianna is planning on swallowing three swords. Dan Meyer, the head of the Sword Swallowing Association, will also be making an appearance. Morgue has a surprise that he won’t reveal until later in the episode, prompting Todd to point out that he doesn’t want any mistakes, instead he’s out to make history.

Asia’s motivation for learning to swallow a sword is so that her performance will be taken seriously. Brianna shares some gory facts with her about the learning process, but Asia seems determined to learn. Morgue tells her he’s self-taught and instructs her to start off with a coat hanger due to its flexibility.

Murrugun is feeling a little competition with Morgue’s mysterious challenge, but he’s also a little miffed that Morgue was talking smack to him and Brianna, both accomplished sword swallowers. Todd gives Asia a nice father/daughter talk about her sword swallowing venture, and his concerns are understandable as a dad.

Morgue reveals his secret plan to Asia. He will be swallowing both a steel ball and a sword. But what happens if he can’t get the ball back up? Well, simply put, he dies. Asia didn’t seem too put off knowing this and she still plans on going ahead with her own stunt.

Murrugun talks about his inspiration when he was younger. Gene Simmons and his fire blowing stage act had spurred him to try the same.

Soon enough, Asia is successful at swallowing the hanger, but Todd gifts her with a real sword and she becomes understandably very nervous. Dan Meyer shows up and meets the troop, including Asia. She shows off her new skills in front of Meyer and swallows the sword up to the hilt. He informs her that, at 20, she might be the youngest sword swallower. There’s a little tension and testosterone surging between Murrugun and Morgue as the day nears and Morgue is still mum on his special trick.

The day has come and a crowd gathers in front of the Venice Beach Freak Show headquarters to watch. Brianna swallows the three swords at one time with no problem, pulling them each out separately. Next, Murrugun employs the rocket-powered sword perfectly. After bringing the crowd inside, Morge shows the audience the steel ball bearing he will be swallowing. It’s roughly the size of a billiard ball. Once he sucks it down, he swallows the sword. After pulling out the sword, he pops out the ball bearing with ease. The audience is then treated to more sword swallowing.

Tune in next week to see what unique and interesting side show attraction will be highlighted next.

Freakshow 102 Sword Swallowing Lessons

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