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Freakshow 105: Meet the Family

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In episode five, “The Littlest Wedding”, another Freakshow sometimes member, Digger, calls Todd and asks if he can come down because he needs some money. It turns out Digger’s a hobo. He hitchhikes, hops trains, and basically lives hand-to-mouth, but nothing is mentioned of his special freakshow quality.

Ali shows up with her boyfriend Matt and reveals she has been given an engagement ring. Everyone at the freakshow becomes ecstatic. We get to meet her hilarious and spunky boyfriend, who is also a little person, and who is so obviously happy and proud of their engagement as well as Ali. Todd immediately gets excited about throwing them a wedding, but Ali had planned on eloping. She agrees to think about it and expresses her apprehensions about having a wedding at the Venice Beach Freakshow because she feels there will be a lot of people there watching them, and not in a comfortable or necessarily warm and welcoming way. Ali has had negative experiences when her and her fiancé, Matt, have gone out before, and as a child, all Ali wanted to do was fit in. Her worries are understandable for her special day. Todd tries to persuade her to let him throw the wedding by showing her a black and white photo of Tom Thumb’s wedding. The photo was gorgeous and Tom Thumb and his wife were considered royalty. P. T. Barnum had hyped this wedding to the fullest. After some time, Ali agrees to have the wedding at the Freakshow! Her vision is a fun and exciting wedding, and Todd agrees it will be historic.

At dinner, the Venice Beach Freakshow cast, including Mr. George Bell, all celebrates the upcoming wedding. As it is, the wedding dress will be handmade and there will also be a fancy cake. Matt requests it to be psychedelic and lively, while Ali recommends a Willie Wonka theme.

Digger shows up with his staple gun and the freakshow goes on. Digger claims to have a very high tolerance to pain, and his act is called “The Human Bulletin Board”. He wants people to staple money to his body. That’s one helluva way to make some money! Ones, fives, and tens are then stapled all over his body, including his tongue, from the delighted audience members.

Later, Ali drops by Todd’s house to check up on how the wedding preparations are doing. Meanwhile, Todd and the guys take Matt to a suit shop to get him fitted for the wedding. Matt’s spunky personality shines as he has a bit of fun trying on different looks. Todd shows the owner the picture of the Tom Thumb wedding and Matt ends up going with a tux complete with tails. Ali gets to see her wedding dress, which was modeled after Tom Thumb’s wife’s wedding dress. She tries it on and looks like a princess.

The big day is finally here and with an audience of around one thousand people waiting outside, the bride and groom are visibly nervous. Many performers showed up and soon enough Matt comes out. The real star of the show, Ali, shows up being carried by four buff and mostly naked men carrying her on an elevated throne. What a perfect entrance! Todd resides over the touching service. The couple stands dutifully in front of the Venice Beach Freakshow with Ali’s long train trailing spilling down the front steps. There is much celebrating afterward as the festivities continue. Todd reflects on the beauty and meaning behind the wedding, calling it a fantasy come true. The show ended with a photo being taken of the newlyweds while the antique photo of Tom Thumb and his wife is held up in the foreground.

Freakshow 105, Meet the Family

Freakshow 105, Meet the Family

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