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Free Gorzone 58 Digital Edition

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From the UK, Gorzone magazine is offering a free digital edition of Gorzone 58 (NSFW). From the name, you might expect this magazine to be all about the most bloody gruesome horror, but, although they do cover a fair amount of slasher material, their focus is on the babes. Gorzone is currently on issue number 63, which features Morrigan Hel (NSFW) on the cover. Their free online back issue is helpful for giving you an idea of what the highest circulation scream queen mag in the world is like.

gorzone 58 digital edition

GZ Magazine doesn’t just write about the horror, it is the horror bible for Horror/Thriller entertainment. A horror entertainment magazine phenomenon since Sep 2005, GZ Magazine aka GOREZONE breaks hot news, reports on star-studded film festivals and has its own Horror Entertainment Film Festival yearly in London, its Editor/Publisher appears regularly on television and in press coverage of the horror entertainment industry.

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