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Game of Thrones: The Gift

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I have to be honest, I was a little bit tentative to watch this week, as I’m still appalled by last week’s conclusion. Hoping that at the very least it couldn’t get any worse, I decided to go ahead and dive right in.

This weeks starts with Jon Snow and other Night’s Watch men gearing up to range North and retrieve the other wildlings from North of the Wall, something that many of them are still not thrilled about. Jon leaves Ser Alliser Thorn in charge while he’s gone. Sam gives him some daggers made from obsidian then they set out.

Back in Winterfell, Theon brings food to Sansa, who is laying in bed crying, badly bruised and desperate. She begs Theon for help, saying that Ramsay hurts her every night and that she’s locked in the tower all day. She says he owes her, and tells him that he is still Theon Greyjoy, and that all he has to do to help her is light a candle and put it in the highest window of the broken tower. He just leaves without saying anything else, but then he goes to talk to Ramsay. We see that Brienne is still watching the window to see if Sansa signals for help.

Maester Aemon is showing signs that he’s becoming senile, and Sam and Gilly are watching open. He’s talking to Gilly’s baby as though it were his baby brother. The scene cuts to Sam speaking over him at his funeral pyre. Alliser points out that Sam seems to be losing all his friends.

Sansa and Ramsay speak, and he tells her that she’s made him very happy and then informs her of Stannis’s army. He talks about how he’ll be Lord of Winterfell one day, and she points out that he’s still a bastard, and that he was only naturalized by another bastard. He shows her the corpse of a woman who he skinned alive since Theon told Ramsay of her plan to signal for help.

Stannis’s army doesn’t seem to be faring well. It is cold and it’s easy to see many o the men are sick. They’re running out of supplies, horses and men. Davos wants them to go back to the Wall, and Stannis insists that they keep going, because he thinks retreating again will mean he is weak, in which case he has already lost. Melissandre insists that he has made the right decision and then suggests that they kill his daughter, because a sacrifice will ensure victory. Stannis sends her away, obviously not thrilled with the idea.

Gilly is being harrassed by two of the crows, and Sam steps in to defend her. Sam takes a pretty rough beating, but he stands back up to fight more, and Ghost steps in to his side, scaring the two other brothers away. Gilly helps see to his injuries and tells him not to risk his life like that anymore. He promises her that he’ll take care of her, and her child no matter what happens, and asks her to stay with him. She kisses him and then the two of them start to have sex.

Jorah and Tyrion are still with the slavers, about to be sold. Jorah is sold to someone for 20 gold pieces. Tyrion insists that they be bought by the same person and demonstrates his worth, and surprisingly enough, it works, meaning that the two of them will go to the same place.

Dario Naharis, who is lying with Daenerys once again, doesn’t seem thrilled about her engagement to Hizdahr Zo Loraq. He says he’d much rather she marry him instead. He also suggests that she kill all the masters she can find.

The Lady Olenna is visiting the High Sparrow, determined to get her grandchildren back. She tries to tempt him, but he tells her that he serves the gods only. She threatens to stop sending resources to the capitol, something which also doesn’t seem to go well. She receives a letter when she leaves that seems to be from Petyr.

Tommen is not reacting well to Margaery’s arrest. He’s very upset that his wife is imprisoned and there’s nothing he can do about it. Cersei does her best to comfort him, and Tommen confesses his love for his queen. Cersei tells him to be strong, and offers to speak with the High Septon on his behalf.

In Dorne, Princess Marcella is allowed to visit her uncle Jaime. He explains that she isn’t safe there, and she tells him that she fully intends to stay there and marry Tristan Martell. Bronn is singing to the sandsnakes down in the cells. One of the sand snakes confesses that she poisoned him during their fight in the previous episode, but she does give him the antidote.

Petyr goes to visit Lady Olenna in the ruins of his brothel. They talk about how their futures are intertwined, and he offers her a handsome young man, leaving the scene off sort of ambiguously

Meanwhile we see the slaver that bought Jorah giving a speech to the fighters before they go out to the fighting pits. Jorah sees Daenerys from his cell, and it quickly becomes apparent that she is not amused by the custom of the fighting pits. She still dislikes the violence, but Hisdar assures her that she must stay until a victor emerges. Jorah runs out to fight, while Tyrion does his best to escape his chains. Jorah wins and presents himself to his queen, who demands he be removed from her sight, that is until he presents her with Tyrion Lannister and the show cuts to a different shot.

Cersei goes to visit Margaery, who seems to be doing terrible in the cells. Margaery tells her she knows Cersei’s responsible for her arrest, and that she doesn’t want to see her. As she leaves, Cersei couldn’t look more proud of herself. On her way out she speaks to the High Septon who explains what will happen to Margaery. He says that if either or both of them confess before the trial, they may earn the Mother’s mercy. She certainly looks less smug when the High Septon tells her that he knows Cersei to be a sinner, since Lancel has confessed to their affair and to helping her murder Robert. She’s taken by the faith as well, and escorted to a cell of her own which is where the episode ends.

There was definitely a lot to think over this week, and while I’m not exactly sorry to see Cersei finally getting what’s coming to her, it doesn’t exactly bode well for the show. Yet another gloomy episode that hints at darker things still to come in the season. Maeaster Aemon is gone, the faith is being given more and more control, Sansa is being held prisoner by her abusive husband and Melissandre is trying to kill children. The only thing that seems to really be improving is Tyrion’s storyline, and even that could go either way.

Be sure to check out HBO’s Game of Thrones to get some exclusive content before next week’s episode, which I’m dreading almost as much as I’m looking forward to.

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