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Game of Thrones: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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I got the Apple TV working (sort of) and was all set to watch Game of Thrones on time this week. The episode is titled after the Martell House words, fitting since this is the episode where they finally, finally get back to the Dorne storyline – but that’s not all that this episode had in store for us. I absolutely loved last weeks episode, but it didn’t answer any questions for the storyline in King’s Landing, Braavos or Dorne, and those were all touched upon this week, starting with Arya.

We can see her hard at work, washing more corpses in the House of Black and White. She seems to be more sure of her work than she was the last time we saw her at it, and audiences are left with the impression that she’s gotten lots of practice. One of the doors is left open after the body gets taken away, and though Arya approaches it to try and find out what they’re doing. The other girl working at the temple stops her, and she demands to know more about what they do. She’s ordered back to work, and the two of them begin playing “The game of faces.”

Later while she sleeps, Jaqen Hgahr asks her who she is. She starts to catch on that the Game of Faces in a lying game.Jaqen Hgahr can always tell when she’s lying. She tries to quit the game, but he says that the faceless men never stop playing.

Tyrion and Jorah are still travelling together, and it’s obvious that Jorah hasn’t yet told him about the grayscale. The two of them talk for awhile, Tyrion talks about how he got there, what he did, and about Jorah’s father. Jorah didn’t know that his father had died, and Tyrion breaks the news.

After that scene, it goes straight back to Arya. She’s scrubbing floors at the House of Black and White, when a man carries in a small girl. He says he’s taken her to all the healers he can, spent all his money, and now all he wants is for her suffering to end. Arya approaches the girl and talks to her to give her comfort. She lies to the girl, and she does so successfully. She assures the girl that the poison water is a healing utensil from the many faced god, claiming that she was sick once too and her father brought her there to get better. Jaqen Hghar witnesses her telling the lie, and sees she’s doing better.

Soon Arya is left to wash the corpse of the young girl, and this time Jaqen intentionally leaves the door open for her so that she can follow him. He leads her down some stairs into a room where there are countless faces preserved. He asks her if she’s ready to give up everything that she is. He says she’s not ready for that yet, but that she may be ready to become someone else.

Jorah explains to Tyrion why he’s following Daenerys. Tyrion is not entirely convinced that Daenerys (who has the blood of mad King Aerys) is truly fit to be queen of a land she had never seen. The two of them are arguing about it when they get abducted by pirates, intent on selling them to slavers in Volantis. Tyrion talks them into taking Jorah them to Slaver’s bay.

Petyr meanwhile returns to King’s Landing, where he is stopped by the sparrows. He is warned to tread carefully. Petyr gets through unhurt to talk to Cersei. She seems to mistrust him, for reason. Petyr in the meantime tells him where Sansa is, saying that Roose Bolton is the one who has been hiding her. Cersei wants to attack, but Petyr wants to let Roose and Stannis fight. They come to an arrangement that if he can oversee that battle and bring her Sansa’s head, he can be warden of the North.

Tristan and Marcella at least seem happy in Dorne. Tristan wants to ask to be allowed to marry Marcella soon, and it seems that the two of them are liking each other’s company. Prince Doran says that they must protect those two at all costs. Jaime and Bronn are sneaking into the water gardens at the same time that the sandsnakes are. They almost get Marcella out, but Tristan tries to protect her and she rushes to see if he’s okay, giving the sandsnakes enough time to catch up. Obara almost gets away with taking her, but the guards come in to stop the fighting. Illaria is also taken into custody.

Lady Olenna comes back to King’s Landing to make sure that Ser Loras is set free. Lady Olenna goes straight to Cersei, who doesn’t seem to be cooperating with her any more than she has with anyone else trying to free Loras. Cersei says there will be a small hearing for him, and that afterwards they can forget the whole thing ever happened.

The Faith questions Ser Loras, and he denies the charges of being gay, or ever having lain with a man. Margaery is called into question as well, and the new High Septon tells her she must answer. She says that Ser Loras is innocent, swearing in front of the gods that he is. Oliver testifies against both of them, Loras for having homosexual relations and Margaery for lying in front of the gods to a High Septon. They are taken away for trial.

Back in Winterfell, Miranda is sent to draw Sansa’s bath to prepare her for her wedding. Miranda washes the black dye from her hair while she tells her about all the girls that Ramsay has gotten tired of. She tries to scare her by telling her of how violent Ramsay gets with his exes, and Sansa calls her out on it, refusing to get scared, and saying how foolish it was for Miranda to think he’d be with her forever.

Theon comes to take her to her wedding when she’s all prepared, in her wedding gown and the two of them go to the God’s Wood for the ceremony. Theon looks better than he has since the first season, and Sansa of course looks her best as well. It’s a very tense wedding ritual, but the two are ultimately married. Afterwards they return to their bedchamber.

Ramsay asks her about her virginity, and her marriage to Tyrion. He is very threatening, but he tells her that he thinks they should be honest with one another. He commands her to take off her clothes, not allowing Theon to leave. In a very disturbing scene, Sansa and Ramsay consummate their marriage while Theon watches, tears in his eyes. An incredibly dark and violent note to end the episode on, and quite shocking as well.

I can’t say that I like this one as much as I liked last week’s. It has more upsetting content and none of the wonder that episode 5 had, but it did have quite the surprise factor and I do really want to see where the story goes.

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