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Grimm Season 2 Trailer

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NBC’s television show Grimm is a cop show. With the twist that Detective Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm. This means he can see through the fae glamour the monsters of the Pacific NW use to conceal themselves from mortal man and walk among us. Plus he has some useful super strength and that sort of thing. Also, his detective partner does not know about his double-life as a supernatural monster-fighter. And neither does the female partner he lives with. NBC bills this as a “fairy tale procedural drama” and that is a surprisingly accurate description. Nick Burkhardt is played by actor David Guintoli of MTV’s Road Rules (dubious) fame and he is an exception to the general rules applying to reality show stars because he is very good at playing the supernatural detective.

Hulu and the NBC site still have episodes from Season 1 online. So there is still time to catch up today. Tomorrow, those episodes become unavailable (at least on Hulu) and the new season begins. Also, check out the spooky dark fairytale cake from the Season 2 party below.

Grimm: Season 2
Eight months ago he was just a detective, now his family secrets have come to life
Watch Full Episodes Here:

Grimm Season 2 Kickoff Party

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber joined GRIMM stars David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Russell Hornsby to kick off season two of NBC’s fairy tale procedural drama GRIMM

David Giuntoli Grimm Season 2 Cake

GRIMM star David Giuntoli cuts into the giant 30 x 40inch custom designed fairy tale themed cake courtesy of portland's cake artist's Wrightberry's to kick off season two of NBC’s fairy tale procedural drama GRIMM

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