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Harry Shannon

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Harry Shannon has been an actor, a singer, an Emmy-nominated songwriter, a recording artist in Europe, a music publisher, a VP of Carolco Pictures (“Terminator 2,” “Total Recall,” “Rambo”), and worked as a free-lance Music Supervisor on films such as “Basic Instinct” and “Universal Soldier.” He holds an MA in Psychology and is currently a counselor in private practice. Harry has won the Tombstone, the Black Quill, and been nominated for the Stoker. Although primarily a novelist, the author has sold stories to a number of genre magazines including “Cemetery Dance,” “Horror Garage,” “City Slab,” “Crime Spree” and “” He contributed a 25,000 word mystery/horror novella to a Cemetery Dance limited-edition
collection called “Brimstone Turnpike,” as well as shorter fiction to several genre anthologies, among them Dead West, A Dark and Deadly Valley, Dead Set and In Delirium II.

Shannon’s first signed limited edition short story collection “BAD SEED” debuted in June of 2001. His debut horror novel “NIGHT OF THE BEAST”–the first in a pulp trilogy set in northeastern Nevada–was released in 2002. The acclaimed “NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF” won the small-press Tombstone Award for Best Novel of 2003. The final book, a 2005 Delirium Books limited edition of “NIGHT OF THE DAEMON,” sold out in pre-order. These ‘Night’ books are currently out of print, but may be back in 2010.

Harry Shannon’s first noir effort, “MEMORIAL DAY (A Mick Callahan Novel),” takes place in fictional Dry Wells, Nevada. It was a hardcover release from Five Star First Edition Mysteries in May of 2004. New Mystery Reader called it “brilliant,” also “wry, bittersweet and altogether touching,” Library Journal praised it as “memorable,” and Booklist said of amateur sleuth Mick Callahan “Let’s hope he’s around for a long run.” The sequel, “EYE OF THE BURNING MAN” came out in November, 2005 and was also well reviewed. A third Mick Callahan novel “ONE OF THE WICKED” will be released in fall of 2008.

Shannon’s first thriller “THE PRESSURE OF DARKNESS” was released in November of 2006.

Harry scripted the comedic horror film “DEAD AND GONE” for fetish photographer/director Yossi Sasson. He also wrote the novel version, supervised the music, sang the title song and played a bit part as the Sheriff.

His second anthology of short fiction “A HOST OF SHADOWS” was released by Dark Regions Press.

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Harry Shannon

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