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Heavy Red New Elements Collection

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Heavy Red has done it again. The brooding sophistication and pure edge of their signature styles are seen in the new Elements collection. Touted as “Basics to create unique self expression”, the collection includes pieces such as textured and sculpted tops, gloves, leggings and shirts. With the Heavy Red influences of romanticism and noir teamed perfectly for a Gothic inspired look, the garment names even exude expressions of lamentation with titles like “Anonymous Grace”, “Decadence of Refinement”, “Abyss of Discontent” and “Cruel Love”. The prices are reasonable and range from $18 for a delicious pair of shredded crop gloves, $38 for a dainty ruffle skirt that is attached to 3/4 leggings, to $64 for a pair of sexy gloves with mocha layered ruffles. Some of my personal favorites are the “Patterns of Grace Full Length Stockings” with their delicate yet intricate design, and the naughty but nice “Desperate Escape Leg Strapping”. Whatever you are looking for to round out your Gothic wardrobe, Heavy Red offers it by way of the Elements collection.

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