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Immortalized 102 Competitive Taxidermy on AMC

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This week on “Immortalized”, host Zach Selwyn introduces the Challenger, CJ Fegan, a multiple award winning and second generation taxidermist from Maryland that wants to prove he is the best, and the Immortalizer, Page Nethercutt, also a second generation and award winning taxidermist, from North Carolina, is a former taxidermist of the year who is familiar with Fegan through his taxidermist father. Nethercutt has judged Fegan’s father and vice versa, allowing for a little extra competition and raised stakes between the two guys.

This week’s theme is the same as the title of the episode, “End of the World.”

Nethercutt likens himself to Michelangelo, being in that he’s a classic taxidermist, whereas Fegan calls himself a redneck. Nethercutt feels that his interpretation of the theme will be to take two animals and have one harvest the other, a cat and a bird. In his vision and in his words, for one of the animals it will be the end of the world, while for the other, it’s the meaning of life. Fegan will be bringing his own interpretation of the end of the world along with incorporating some new elements. He is thinking of having a few animals that will be running for their lives and a few that will be confused.

Nethercutt is very detailed with his cat’s angles and body placement in the mid-action scene. Fegan is meticulous with his specimen’s eyes and exudes confidence about his interpretation of the theme.

Once the contestants make it back to the studio with their creations, they must work to reassemble them away from the steely eyes of the judges. They work hard putting their individual works of art back to life. CJ goes first and explains his confidence on his piece, “Judgment Day”. It’s very large and powerful with the various animals all agitated and reacting to an unseen threat. The animals on top are jumping off a rock that’s about to explode. The fire in his piece is indicative of the theme. Judge Brian Posehn tells him his piece of cinematic and points out that he could make haunted houses if he didn’t want to practice taxidermy anymore. Nethercutt explains his representation of the theme is more along Biblical and natural terms. His piece is much smaller, but with intense details. It’s a powerful and elegant piece in its own right.

In the end it was CJ who took home the crown with his larger than life work of art. What creations lie in wait for the audience next week? Only time will tell.

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