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Immortalized, Episode 4: Your Worst Nightmare

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Tonight, we have the challenger, Cat Grey, going up against the Immortalizer, Dave Houser.
Cat uses the words creative, morbid, and evil genius to describe herself. She’s considered a rogue taxidermist.
Houser has been a taxidermist since high school and has many awards to his name. He also enjoys dancing in his studio. Could be the pink mohawk… He’s a more traditional taxidermist.
The theme for this episode is, “Your Worst Nightmare.”
Houser’s home base is Pennsylvania. His confidence shines as he talks about what he has in mind. His nightmare is all about losing your freedom, so he will be using a bald eagle to represent this. He will also be incorporating a theme of 9/11 and will have a backdrop of the Twin Towers and an American flag as the sky. Since bald eagles are endangered, he uses a Canadian goose and turns it into a bald eagle with some creativity. He wants his piece to make people soul search. Losing his freedom is the scariest thing for Houser and he wants to convey this. As it turns out, recreating a bald eagle is no easy feat.
Cat, back at home, expresses her love for animals. She describes her project as pink, fluffy, crying babies. Wait a minute – what? Nah, sorry about that guys, she said never mind. Her original thought was to take a horse and put spider legs on it. After some thought, she decided to go with regular animals, such as a cow, deer, goat, with a visual pun incorporated; in other words, a nightmare. Her concept is to always push to make the piece worse. Her plan is to make a horse skull with multiple eyes on a giant spider’s body, with a saddle on it to ride it away into your nightmares.
Back at the studio, Grey and Houser reassemble their projects.
The judges express their desires to see darkness and also how Houser has portrayed a bald eagle.
Cat goes first saying she went with a general nightmare theme. Her large creation is a spider-like, many-eyed creature looming over a couch. Houser’s unveiling presents a very patriotic project that represents America’s nightmare by way of losing our freedom. A bald eagle is perched on a soldier’s hat that is being held up by a gun and a pair of shoes. The bald eagle, however, has not turned out to be anatomically exact. Besides the main object of the project being a little off, Houser explained his reasoning and ideas behind his project to the judges, which seemed to have helped their take on his rendition of the theme.
In the end, the winner, by one point, was the Immortalizer, Dave Houser.

immortalized your worst nightmare

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