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Immortalized 107, First Love

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Immortalizer Dave Houser is against the challenger Erich Carter. Carter has been a taxidermist for over forty years and he’s won rewards as well as made pieces for celebrities. Houser and his pink Mohawk are put to the test as we get the theme, “First Love”.

Houser proclaims himself to be edgy and controversial. Carter sees taxidermy as the animal’s death as the beginning of a new life. As far as the theme, Carter is envisioning three birds: a male, a female and a baby. Houser sees the birth and death of Jesus with a cross, some lambs and three doves.

They graphically show Houser skinning a baby lamb, which was stillborn, and the fabrication of the cross. Carter takes a chicken and morphed it with a toucan, calling it a choucan. He has named them Charlie, Charlene and baby Cory. In order to make this, he has taken a toucan skull to cast the bill, making a mold. This gives him the head in lovely detail. Next, the challenge is to take a chicken body and place it behind the bill as if it were growing naturally from it.

Back in the studio with their pieces to reassemble, the men work hard to finish their projects. The time has finally come to reveal their pieces. Carter goes first and tells the judges he wanted his project to go beyond the box, he wanted it to go outside the jungle. He says he created a new genre called taxi-toon. His choucans have a cartoon-like feel.

Revealed, the choucan piece is smaller with the three birds perched on a piece of wood with the baby in a nest between them. It turns out he used bobcat eyes for the choucans, except for the baby having an alligator eye.

Houser is up and he explains that the one and only true first love is Jesus Christ. He has employed a gold crown to represent the king and a crown of thorns to represent the crucifixion. When the curtain is pulled back, it shows a larger piece containing a cross with a crown in a manger below and the baby lambs are curled beneath slumbering peacefully, and three doves placed at the points of the cross. A crown of thorns is draped over the top and a background with the image of Christ is hung.

The judges say that Carter represented rogue taxidermy well. They also praised Houser for picking a controversial subject and doing it well.

The winner was Carter by a large margin. This is the first time a challenger has won and an Immortalizer has fallen. Next week I personally hope we get to see some more of Immortalizer Takeshi Yamada. I keep hearing his “Shazam!” followed by his fantastic laugh.

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