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Inner Demons

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If an intervention turned out just like the one in Inner Demons then I would totally round up my mates, sit around the lounge room and wait for the emo makeup clad girl to freak us all out.


IFC Midnight have released an indie film that should appeal to those who enjoy inevitable demonic possessions on-screen.

Here we have a young woman who has fallen from grace. Instead of scoring top marks she is now scoring her next heroin fix. Her religious family are attempting to bring her back into the fold.


It is the information age and you what brings self-destructive folk back from the brink? Reality television. This crazy chick now has a film crew recording her do stuff.

One of the most haunting films I have ever seen that features a reality TV subplot is Grave Encounters. Judging the trailer it is difficult to say how relevant the sensational media element is to Inner Demons other than adding more convenient points-of-view.


Aside from the substance abuse, crazy lady has another addiction—a literal demon that is biding its time to take full possession of its host. This premise sounds cool but can it sustain a feature film and maintain viewer interest?

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If you like the whole shaky-cam Paranormal Activity thing then you may like Inner Demons. All of the familiar scare tactics play out in the official trailer. Creepy mirror scene, discombobulated twist of the neck, flashes from normal-looking to scary-looking and so on.

img src=”×344.jpg” alt=”4″ width=”650″ height=”344″ class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-9037″ />

The problem with directing a story that focuses on contextual cameras in use is that you often encounter a lot of exposition and dumb dialogue (‘I saw those books in your bedroom about demonic possession …’).

The visual effects appear to be a few steps above your typical B-grade amateur flick, so at least Inner Demons has that going for itself.

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