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James Roy Daly

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James Roy Daly is a writer, a drummer and sometimes makes films. How did this threesome of stuff become his cross to bear?

After playing music forever he decided to go to film school and the strangest thing happened. He fell in love with writing. Now he is cranking out the stories and what’s even stranger is the fact that he is getting published. You may be asking yourself, how the hell did that happen? People don’t just ‘get published’ do they? In most cases, no, they don’t. He has to be honest with you – he doesn’t rightly know what happened aside from the fact that he focused on the craft and not on getting noticed. But at this point, his first novel is distributed through 1100 stores, he has signed several book deals and things are going in the right direction. And what’s really cool is the fact that his writing style is improving, even if his spelling is sometimes in question.

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James Roy Daly

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