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Jawbone Sunglasses

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Fashion and death combine with jewelry designer, Emma Montague’s unique jawbone sunglasses. Montague, of the Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery department, realized the potential of the design when she noticed the angle of a deer’s jawbone in relation to the shape of her sunglasses. With gears turning, she came up with the resulting design of removing parts of the temples (arms) of the sunglasses and replacing them with extricated pieces of jawbone. The angles matched, and the design was both beautiful and macabre. The collection varies with dark and light frames, and jawbones left in their natural state and others with gold-coated teeth. The fluidity of the shapes and natural beauty of the designs highlight this collection. The elegance and luxury, along with the grit and base feel provide a deadly combination of beautiful wearable Gothic taxidermy.

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