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Jean Graham

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Jean Graham is perhaps best known for Forever Knight: On Holy Ground, the Forever Knight novel that wasn’t. On Holy Ground was under consideration at Berkley Books when the studio cancelled its contract with the publisher, leaving only three “official” Forever Knight tie-in novels in print. In 2000, On Holy Ground was privately published (with full acknowledgment of Sony’s copyright) as a non-profit fanzine fundraiser for three charities, including the Humane Society.

After raising several hundred dollars for these organizations over a six-month period, however, On Holy Ground was abruptly pulled out of circulation. Why? It was pulled because someone with a thirty-year-old grudge against the author mailed one of the flyers to Sony’s legal department. Result: an injunction that shut down the novel’s sales. So On Holy Ground has been unavailable ever since, though the occasional rare copy has turned up on eBay, selling for as much as $300.

Jean Graham has also had quite a few short stories published.

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