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Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

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killer klown melissa bernard

There is a glut of alt makeup tutorials on Youtube: goth, emo, zombie, alien, horror FX, split face, etc. Some TUTs are extremely detailed and helpful for you to use to create the look you seek or simply to view for entertainment. Others are lame video fails. Let me tell you about this amazing FX artist I found when I was cruising for the best Killer Clown makeup tutorial, Melissa Bernard! Melissa is a certified make-up artist (MUA), not just a girl who paints her face in her bathroom mirror for Twitpics and giggles. She has a series of 66 and counting makeup tutorials in various alt genres, over 27,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel with a colossal 7 million plus views. She illustrates in this video tutorial exactly how to create the Killer Clown look, notates what products to use and where to find them in her notes. If you read the comments on her Youtube tutorials or look at her visually dazzling Tumblr page, you can see she communicates with her fans if they have questions about achieving the same look. In addition, she takes time to critique makeup re-creations that some of her fans have sent in for her to review.

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