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Debstar Designs
(Clicks: 68; Comments: 1; Added: 05-24-2010)
Gothabilly Jewellery for the Twisted Princess!

Mad Daffodil Clothing
(Clicks: 81; Comments: 0; Added: 09-21-2009)
Gothic Lolita wigs, hats, shoes and clothing perfect for Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, Burlesque, & Goth :)

Gloomth & The Cult of Melancholy 3.3
(Clicks: 959; Comments: 0; Added: 03-08-2007)
Gothic clothing from Gloomth! Hand made items with a Victorian flourish. Lolita accessories, jewelry, goth corset tops, great prices! Canadian Goth company!

Cult Design
(Clicks: 207; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Chainmail Creations
(Clicks: 98; Comments: 0; Added: 09-05-2007)
Custom chainmail jewelry and accessories

Dark Destiny Designs
(Clicks: 226; Comments: 0; Added: 07-03-2007)
Tarty gothic corsetry, pinstripes and pvc for men and women inspired by gothic, club, and urban cyberpunk culture.

Incredible gothic Pack Jewelry
(Clicks: 76; Comments: 0; Added: 06-02-2007)
Gothic jewelry sale at best price. Special packs including steel rings, bracelet, celtic pendant, earrings, fashion piercing, bandana, tribal tattoos

Stella Dottir
(Clicks: 238; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Goth Geek Gamer & Pagan Gear by Blair Peacock
(Clicks: 51; Comments: 0; Added: 12-05-2008)
Blair Peacock Creations carries a wide variety of clothing and home gear for Goths, Geeks, Pagans, Gamers and people with a slightly twisted sense of humor. We have tees, hoodies, tanks, hats, bags, mugs, posters and more featuring all-original artwork like skulls, vampires, dragons, sayings and so much more. Over 14,000 products with more added every week.

Gothic Jewelry | Rock and Roll Jewelry 4.6
(Clicks: 330; Comments: 0; Added: 02-26-2008)
Imperial Rose Collections offers high end Rock and Roll Jewelry, Rock Music Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry and Unique Silver Jewelry. We have something for everybody.

Kteis - gothic fashion
(Clicks: 22; Comments: 0; Added: 04-17-2011)
Hand painted silk apparel, haute couture dark fashion accessories and clothing, scarves, shawls, tops, tunics and dresses. Unique one of a kind alternative fashion for elegant people.

burn13 gothic t-shirts 3.0
(Clicks: 134; Comments: 0; Added: 06-04-2008)
burn 13 is a site which sells gothic/dark t-shirt designs and original artwork . burn 13 uses the secure payment site of paypal and redbubble

So-Uglee Novelty Horns and more!
(Clicks: 223; Comments: 0; Added: 10-11-2007)
Hand-made devil horns, some UV Reactive and/or glow in the dark. Shirts available too! Check em out!

Imago Mortis
(Clicks: 117; Comments: 0; Added: 08-10-2008)
Gothic, Occult, and Metal inspired clothing (buy direct or wholesale). Also offers a professional alternative / vintage photography service.

Senjo Clothing 4.5
(Clicks: 518; Comments: 0; Added: 04-13-2007)
Clothing for Fairy Vixens! Exquisite custom designed Modern Fairy Clothes, Accessories, Faerie Clothing and more! All specially hand crafted items.

The Lofty Dragon
(Clicks: 181; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

ComaToast Coffin Co.
(Clicks: 11; Comments: 0; Added: 01-09-2011)
They make anything from small jewelry boxes to 4ft long chests and then some. Check out the site and they will make anything you want.

Cruella 5.0
(Clicks: 376; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Streekers Hair Color
(Clicks: 129; Comments: 0; Added: 06-25-2007)
Whether you're a part-time punker or just have a wild streak, you can have a Wild Weekend with Streekers.

Gothic Sense Shoes and Boots 5.0
(Clicks: 338; Comments: 0; Added: 04-28-2008)
Your Soul Headquarters for Gothic Shoes and Boots. International shipping available.

(Clicks: 302; Comments: 0; Added: 07-05-2008)
Japanese original gothic design, handmade, one of a kind chokers.

Ctrl alt Chic - Alternative Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories
(Clicks: 58; Comments: 0; Added: 02-25-2010)
Ctrl alt Chic is a shop devoted to those who want to be in Ctrl of their Alternative Fashion. We stock brands such as Disturbia, Iron Fist, Fish with Legs Necessary Evil, Tiger of London, Omen Clothing, Alchemy Gothic, Wildcat and Manic Panic and more...

A high quality Gothic leather satin steel boned tight lace corset store
(Clicks: 38; Comments: 0; Added: 10-23-2009)
As a leading authentic corset provider, we deliver the right balance of style, quality and value for our customers. We stock very large selections designed by corsetieres from all around the world. We also carry wide range of corset sizes that fit waist size up to 46 inches. Shaper Corset online store is the best place to find great hard-to-find fetish corsets and your favorite classics as well.

Faernyn's Grove
(Clicks: 236; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Bad Attitude
(Clicks: 317; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Rayven's Falls
(Clicks: 33; Comments: 0; Added: 11-04-2008)
Custom Yarn and Wool Dread Falls. Multiple Sizes Colors and Styles Avail. All made to order and please.

Dollflesh 3.0
(Clicks: 315; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Sinister Wear Clothing 3.8
(Clicks: 1,749; Comments: 0; Added: 03-07-2008)
Online clothing store that sells mainly morbid and gothic tees and accessories.

Meana Styles Corsets, Leather Wear, Latex and more for less. 4.0
(Clicks: 493; Comments: 0; Added: 05-29-2008)
Sexy Steel boned Corsets, Leather Wear, Satin, Latex and more at affordable prices. Be all you desire for less!

The Rock Collection
(Clicks: 82; Comments: 0; Added: 11-19-2008)
Rock Collection began it's origins in Norwich Market some 23 years ago and can still be found today in units 126-127 along the front row.The stall sells Spiral, Living Dead Souls plus a wide selection of patches and accessories. Building on the success of the Market Stall Black Lace was opened in 2004 in the popular Norwich Lanes area of the city.This small and friendly shop has 2 floors packed with the very latest selection of gothic and alternative wares.We can be found at 4 Dove St.Norwich NR2 1DE.01603 622388. Brands stocked include Phaze, Tripp, Raven, SDL, Laughing Vampire, Darkside, Hell Bunny, Collectif, Living Dead Souls, Poizen Industries, Kreepsville 666, Leg Avenue, Flirt Hosiery, Hair From Hell, Directions Hair Colour, New Rock, TUK, Four Eyez Contacts plus many,many more! February 2008 saw the opening of our largest shop yet; Rock Collection, which is home to a unique Cyber Room housing the areas only collection of Cyberdog Clothing.14-16 Lower Goat Lane.Norwich NR2 1EL.01603 625055. We are also stockists for a wide variety of import brands such as Atticus, Lowlife, Famous Stars and Straps, Iron Fist and Punk Rose. Visit us also for our selection of Emily The Strange, Criminal Damage, Darkside, Alchemy Gothic, Disturbia, Clandestine, Celebrity Babes, Rock Rebellion, Miami Ink, TUK, Madfish, Macbeth, Wildcat Body Jewellery and a huge amount of exciting accessories. Come visit us in store if you get a chance. We don't bite...

Fools' Mansion
(Clicks: 173; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Deviant Vogue - Always extreme, always deviant
(Clicks: 97; Comments: 0; Added: 12-22-2009)
An extremely wicked online shop, specializing in alternative clothing, footwear and accessories. Featuring brands such as Alchemy, Folter, Lip-Service & Demonia. We are trying to get some Hell Bunny, Spiral & Mercy brands.

Coloured Contact Lenses
(Clicks: 118; Comments: 0; Added: 01-22-2009)
Coloured contact lenses have the best range of coloured and tinted lenses. We have both dailys and monthly disposable lenses at the cheapest prices with immediate delivery and many free offers.

Masks by Wendy Klein 5.0
(Clicks: 539; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

(Clicks: 174; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

The Order of Initiative 3.0
(Clicks: 247; Comments: 0; Added: 07-21-2007)
Online retailer in the UK for Gothic and Wiccan Clothing, Jewellery and Gifts. Massive range in stock. Alchemy Gothic, Nemesis Now, Bares, Nomads, Leg Avenue and much more. We ship all over the world

Omen Clothing
(Clicks: 250; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Cyber goth clothing store

(Clicks: 168; Comments: 0; Added: 02-02-2008)
Specializing in music-inspired clothing! Rock, Punk, Metal and Goth. We carry brand name labels such as Tripp, Blacklist, Kill City and Lip Service. We also carry an array of concert and band T-shirts, caps, hats and beanies for the music enthusiast!

Skull Cufflinks 5.0
(Clicks: 35; Comments: 0; Added: 09-08-2009)
CLM NY offers vast variety of skull cufflinks. Shop vampire skull and crossbone, hand painted, sterling silver skull cuff links as well as Calico Jack, Skull King, Jolly Rodger, Pirate Flag and many more skull themed cufflink designs.

Miss Self.Destructive - Mort-à-Porter Corsets and Fashion 5.0
(Clicks: 66; Comments: 0; Added: 07-27-2011)
“Mort-à-porter” fashion brand focused in corsets. Dark fashion on-line shop. Collections are inspired in gothic subculture, fifties aesthetic, a little bit of cabaret and burlesque, and a touch of lolita style. Custom orders accepted.

(Clicks: 153; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

(Clicks: 315; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Dark Garden
(Clicks: 332; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Lip Service 5.0
(Clicks: 322; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Goth punk clothing store

Nocturnal Nostalgia 4.0
(Clicks: 787; Comments: 0; Added: 09-13-2007)
Unique Couture custom made gothic lolita,vampire,gothic clubwear, victorian corset and accessories for women

Gothic Darkness Website and Store 5.0
(Clicks: 516; Comments: 0; Added: 11-30-2007)
Gothic Darkness is a secure online store with offerings from Alchemy Gothic’s entire range, Echt Silver Jewellery, Pamela Mann Hosiery, Dark Side Clothing, Veil of Visions’ collars and cuffs and much much more. We accept most major credit cards and provide you with a truly personal unique dark shopping experience.

Merchant of Venice: Gothic Masks
(Clicks: 195; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Rorasah Clothing
(Clicks: 264; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Ashes Clothing
(Clicks: 286; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Picasso's Clozet
(Clicks: 168; Comments: 0; Added: 12-21-2007)
We carry Gothic clothing along with a wide variety of Fetish and Latex too. We also carry Gothic and Fetish Shoes, Boots, Bags, Cosmetics, BDSM Gear, Latex DVDs, and More.