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Hi all
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Picture Post 2
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The best way to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
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A few things I have written
by Krymzun Wynter
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by Timeless Rebellion
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Alatoru's poems
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LONG-haired people unite!
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How do you like to dress?
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I'm Blue-Eyed-Death
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Hey, i'm Kealeyboy
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by Blue-eyed-death
The "What Are You Currently Listening To?&quo...
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Lost 4 Dreams
(Clicks: 235; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Arcane Lore Designs
(Clicks: 173; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Timeless Trends Corsets
(Clicks: 43; Comments: 0; Added: 10-18-2010)
Timeless Trends offers true corsets with steel boning at affordable prices. Most of our corsets are $99 and all come with a lifetime guarantee! We currently offer underbust and overbust styles. Based on a Victorian pattern, our corsets are made up of two layers of cotton twill fabric for comfort and strength and an outer layer of decorative fabric. We have more than 60 different decorative fabrics available including silk, velvet, cashmere, cotton, vinyl, leather, denim, taffeta, and polyester. Our corsets contain 26 spiral steel stays, a steel busk, and steel boning--perfect for tight-lacing and creating that classic hourglass figure!

My Little Halo Alternative Clothing
(Clicks: 47; Comments: 0; Added: 09-26-2009)
Gothic, punk and alternative clothing for women in sizes 6 up to plus size 28. Based in Brighton UK.

Kitty's Jewelry
(Clicks: 138; Comments: 0; Added: 08-23-2008)
Genuine gemstone and Swarovski crystal jewelry. Hand made, one of a kind wearable art. Gothic and other diverse styles. Great for gifts and special occasions. Custom work available at reasonable prices. All products sold via this website are made out of GENUINE and QUALITY crystals, gemstones, glass and other materials. What you get will always be a quality item and you will find each item well worth the price (or even more).

What Katie Did 4.0
(Clicks: 426; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Sludgefaktory "clothing for corrosion" 1.0
(Clicks: 80; Comments: 0; Added: 11-26-2009)
WELCOME TO SCRAPLAND - A SLUDGEFAKTORY CREATION "Scraplands ©", the noxious creation from the "Sludgefaktory ©", has risen from the wreckage to overthrow the colorless fashion world. Specializing in Apocapunk, steampunk, rivethead, and other disastrous creations, we wage war on the maggots of mainstream as we form a new chapter of terror! We are pleased to bring you a range of Post Apocalyptic Gothic clothing. If you are looking for Gothic, Punk, steampunk, rivithead, industrial, cyber, and Post Apocalyptic (ect) clothing, you have come to the right place. Sludgefaktory proudly presents the hottest in alternative fashions. We take pride in being an underground clothing source. Everything is made by hand here by us, and that's how we like it. We will never conform to da man. You will NEVER see a Flame Throwing Post Apocalyptic Jacket offered at any other trendy cesspool. The jacket is complete and can be accessed by following the below link. Shop online securely and safely with Sludgefaktory Clothing, we accept international orders and many forms of payment. Paypal, Google Checkout, Cash, ect. If you enjoy Post Apocalyptic Rivethead Goth steampunk Industrial Punk or Cyber Fashions - you can find something here. We enjoy serving the abnormal community and hope to do business with you soon!

Ape Leather
(Clicks: 200; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Goth punk clothing store

Exquisite Restraint
(Clicks: 210; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Morgeve 5.0
(Clicks: 809; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

(Clicks: 197; Comments: 0; Added: 02-15-2009)
IF you haven't experienced Black Chandeliers for yourself, whatare you waiting for? We offer a full line of Black Crystal Chandeliers and Sconces.

A new online store for all your fashion needs 3.0
(Clicks: 306; Comments: 0; Added: 08-15-2008)
We are a new store hoping to meet your needs! If we don't have an item that you require let us know and we will do our best to source the item at a reasonable price! We are not trying to get rich quick and therefore our aim is to provide good quality items at a price to suit all! Our product range includes items from ALCHEMY, SPIRAL DIRECT, HOT ACESSORIES etc. Please keep visiting the site as things are changing DAILY (we are still in the process of building and adding to the store.)

Darkside Clothing 1.0
(Clicks: 312; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Neon Black - Hair creations
(Clicks: 235; Comments: 0; Added: 09-28-2007)
Custom made, high quality falls and extensions, specialising in dread falls. Making hair falls to you specifications using dreads, braids, twists, yarn, plastic tubing, cyberlox and much more. Also selling hair accessories, jewellery and clothing or the gothic and alternative nature.

Jeannie Nitro
(Clicks: 183; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store 5.0
(Clicks: 599; Comments: 1; Added: 03-15-2008)
Awesome Goth/Punk/Industrial site for shoes/boots and clothing.

Debstar Designs
(Clicks: 68; Comments: 1; Added: 05-24-2010)
Gothabilly Jewellery for the Twisted Princess!

Wasp Creations
(Clicks: 253; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Pennangalan Dreams Boots Catalogue 4.5
(Clicks: 291; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Dress wicked t-shirts and gifts
(Clicks: 199; Comments: 0; Added: 02-20-2009)
Dress Wicked with Gothic clothing and T-shirts.Halloween costume ideas and tshirts.Rock clothing,evil and horror gifts for strange punk people.

(Clicks: 315; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

burn13 gothic t-shirts 3.0
(Clicks: 135; Comments: 0; Added: 06-04-2008)
burn 13 is a site which sells gothic/dark t-shirt designs and original artwork . burn 13 uses the secure payment site of paypal and redbubble

Trashy Diva
(Clicks: 194; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Chainmail and More 5.0
(Clicks: 282; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Bathory - Dark, Gothic and Lolita's... Clothing 5.0
(Clicks: 487; Comments: 0; Added: 01-06-2009)
Bathory - you can find most clothing, Corset, skirt, dress, shirt, t-shirt, jacket, trouser, Boot Demonia and different accessories the shop is in Belgium, Bruxelles

Void Alternative
(Clicks: 249; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Flaming Angels 2.8
(Clicks: 597; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Skeletons in the Closet Clothing 3.8
(Clicks: 387; Comments: 0; Added: 11-29-2007)
Custom Corsets, Victorian gowns, bridal dresses and hooped skirts. Unique, high quality handmade clothing. The company is based in the Netherlands, but we ship Worldwide.

Custom Cloaks 5.0
(Clicks: 325; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Sizes 8-36 - Dangerousfx, for gothic, medieval, and victorian fashions
(Clicks: 145; Comments: 0; Added: 06-02-2010)
A Fab and funky store for Victorian Clothing, Gothic,Burlesque,Medieval ranges - Great Prices - sizes 8-36

CoDIGO Gothic Dark Store - Leather Complements for Gothics 4.0
(Clicks: 443; Comments: 0; Added: 10-08-2008)
Online Store of Leather Complements for Gothics, Darks and other Dark Subcultures... Long Bracelets, Medium and Short Bracelets, Belts, Necklaces, Roses and much more! Original Designs, all our products are made in our workshop.

Nocturnal Nostalgia 4.0
(Clicks: 788; Comments: 0; Added: 09-13-2007)
Unique Couture custom made gothic lolita,vampire,gothic clubwear, victorian corset and accessories for women

(Clicks: 115; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source 4.0
(Clicks: 186; Comments: 0; Added: 01-30-2010)
An online gothic shop offering alternative clothing, shoes, accessories, and loads of naughty lingerie.

Drac-In-A-Box 3.0
(Clicks: 261; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

The Other Scene 3.5
(Clicks: 544; Comments: 0; Added: 02-27-2007)
The Other Scene is dedicated to providing you with quality hand-made and fair trade hair falls, jewelry, hair bows, and much more to express your individuality.

Hayway Shoes
(Clicks: 600; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

Faernyn's Grove
(Clicks: 236; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

The Looking Glass Clothing 2.0
(Clicks: 300; Comments: 0; Added: 09-15-2008)
Latex clothing for all the girls and boys. Gothic, fetish, lolita, pin-up; what do you see?

Eyescream Jewelry 3.5
(Clicks: 232; Comments: 0; Added: 04-25-2007)
Dynamic Gothic Jewelry to inspire your muse. Victorian, NouVeau and Medieval Renaissance influences. Specializing in Bats, Moon Goddess Creations, Bridal, Headdresses, Custom & more.

Emo Hairstyles 5.0
(Clicks: 198; Comments: 0; Added: 10-20-2007)
A blog about a new teen subculture. Aptly named emo hairstyle because nothing characterizes the emo look more than the emo hairstyle.

(Clicks: 165; Comments: 0; Added: 08-05-2008)
We carry gothic, rock, punk, pagan, and fetish merchandise, jewelry, and much more. We carry everything from Alchemy to Whips. Come see us often.

Enigma Fashions 2.5
(Clicks: 287; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

The Gothic Shop 4.5
(Clicks: 1,338; Comments: 0; Added: 11-02-2007)
Gothic, punk and alternative clothing, shoes, kinky boots, bags, jewellery, hair pieces, cosmetics and giftware including gothic fairies, dragons, tableware, candleholders, walking sticks etc. We stock Alchemy Gothic, Nemesis Now, Sinister, Headrazor, Bares, Omen Clothing, Dark Star, Jordash, Lostwear & Spiral Direct.

F.F.B. Designs 4.3
(Clicks: 409; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Gothic clothing store

The Seamstress - Gothic and Corpgoth Clothing
(Clicks: 83; Comments: 0; Added: 07-18-2009)
The Seamstress specialises in finding grown up gothic clothing made by independent designers to a high quality. Gothic clothing, tailoring, corsetry and footwear from some of the best designers on the scene.

Fanplusfriend, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, Visual Kei, Top High Fine Costumes 4.2
(Clicks: 1,808; Comments: 0; Added: 03-24-2007)
Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, Visual Kei, Top High Fine Costumes. Custom Made, perfect fitting costumes, 1 week making time, 3 days delivery time, shipping worldwide, accept new costume commissions and wholesale.

Goblin and Crumb 4.0
(Clicks: 452; Comments: 0; Added: 04-30-2007)
Handcrafted costume masks, Gothic accessories, creepy art dolls and ornaments dealing with themes of dark fantasy, romanticism and art nouveau.

Arcane Lore Designs
(Clicks: 143; Comments: 0; Added: 02-19-2007)
Renfair garb source

Thornapple Bootique 3.0
(Clicks: 693; Comments: 0; Added: 04-16-2007)
All your dark wee heart could ever desire! New Zealand’s Largest and wickedest online Gothic, Punk, Lolita, Emo & Pin-Up Alternative shop! Come n’ lift the toy box lid! All the alternative essentials you will ever need! With labels like Demonia Footwear, Medusa Locks Dread Falls, Alchemy Gothic Jewellery, Manic Panic Cosmetics, Leg Avenue Hosiery, DreadHeadHq dread kits, Pleaser High Heels, along with Clothing for The Lords & Ladies and so much more! We also have a Customer Gallery, Free downloads, Movies and games! Not to mention wicked competitions, Reviews and our reward “Bat Points” that mean you get a way to get free products!