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Lisbeth Salander and the Embodiment of Sexiness/Tattoo’s in Movies

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(Stylized version of the Lisbeth Salander character played by Rooney Mara in ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ for for W Magazine)

Readers were first introduced to Lisbeth Salander in 2004. She was the main character in a trilogy of books known as the “Millenium series”, written by Swedish author, Stieg Larsson. Lisbath is the female protagonist of the series, where she is widely known for her unusual appearance. Lisbeth is very thin, with short, black hair, a pierced nose and eyebrows. She has a goth appearance, sports several tattoos, and is known to be bisexual. Her cool demeanor and tough, attractive appearance became quickly popular, as she was not your typical woman lead character. Audiences tend to find the unusual to be interesting and sexy in many circumstances. For instance, the character of Leeloo in “The Fifth Element”, played by Milla Jovovich, is another strong female lead that embodies the strange yet sex appeal that can be found in Lisbeth. Another role that comes to mind is Angelina Jolie’s character, Lisa, was an unforgettable performance. Lisa was a quirky, beautiful, strange girl prone to outbursts and violence. Another attribute that can be memorable to a character is tattoos. Lisbeth has a tattoo of a wasp on her neck. Wasp is her nickname in the hacker community. Also, she bears a dragon tattoo, which gives rise to the title of the first book in the series, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Tattoos have become synonymous with certain characters in movies, such as Wesley Snipes in the Blade films, Ralph Fiennes in “Red Dragon”, and Edward Norton in “American History X”, to name a few. There is usually great significance to the body art in these roles.

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