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Lost Girl – ConFaegion

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Lost Girl - ConFaegion

In this week’s Lost Girl, Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin regress into giggly teens, and I suffer intense disappointment when the show’s TV-MA content warning doesn’t mention nudity.

The overriding theme of this episode is “Kenzi among the supers.” It seems the Morrigan really has it out for Bo, and has been sending wave after wave of dark fae to take her out. No problem for Bo, but human Kenzi’s starting to fray around the edges. All her buddies are fae with crazy powers, and they forget that Kenzi’s mundane.

This is actually a pretty interesting story idea, one of the few that hasn’t been done to death in comic books. Rick Jones is the only example that comes to mind – he’s the dude Bruce Banner was rescuing when he got exposed to gamma rays and became the Hulk. Jones has since been the perennial human sidekick through decades of Marvel comics. If you’ve got a sardonic sense of humor like me, you may chuckle at the fact that Jones once exposed himself to gamma rays so he could get superpowers too. Instead he got cancer.

Kenzi bonds with Vex over her powerlessness (and mascara technique), because he seems to be in the same boat. Ever since the battle against the garuda, Vex has been unable to use his “puppetmaster” powers. He goes to Lauren, who has a good time at Vex’s expense joking about his “mesmeric impotence.” She finds nothing physically wrong with him, and so offers him a pamphlet.

I spent a good long while last week trying to come up with a good play on the word succubus, and never really did. Vex turned up a good one this week: “succubunny.”

The thing is, I’d forgotten that Vex didn’t just arbitrarily join the Scooby Gang at the end of last season to fight the garuda. Vex was once a serious player, a rich dark fae who owned his own nightclub and was extremely dangerous due to his mesmeric powers. A falling out with the Morrigan and defeat by Bo stripped him of his fae ranking and material wealth. Losing his powers is apparently the final humiliation – he steals Bo’s phone and visits the Morrigan (who’s been wanting an incriminating photo of herself that Bo took). Vex cuts a deal – kill Bo and regain his dark fae standing.

The Morrigan doesn’t trust him to get it done on his own, though. She slips Vex a fae mickey, a little parasite bug that doesn’t infect Vex, but gets passed on to Bo. Dyson and Tamsin get infected too. What’s it do? Regress them mentally and emotionally. Not only do they forget most of what they know about each other and themselves, not only do they act like especially dopey teenagers, but they also lose their fae powers.

It’s always fun when actors get to act completely outside their usual characters. Every show does this now and then – Lost Girl’s done it before, in the episode when everyone switched bodies. Seeing these three act like goofy kids was pretty funny, especially when they whined at Lauren. “You can’t ground us. You’re not our mom.” This week’s obligatory “Dyson takes his shirt off” scene came courtesy of him dancing topless on Bo’s bed to Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.” For some reason I also got a huge laugh out of Bo telling Trick, “If I can’t have the car keys I’m going to count to 100. In French. UNH!”

They eventually end up in a game of spin the bottle that was really going interesting places (i.e. Tamsin and Bo making out). In a perfect world, the plot could have held off for ten minutes or so, but alas, c’est la vie.

Meanwhile, pigmen are attacking Bo and Kenzi’s apartment. Kenzi grabs the Staff of Righteousness that the plot required to be there at that moment, and gains fae superpowers. She obliterates the first pigman and says, “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.” She beats up another onslaught of pigmen, but this time they’re accompanied by Vex. Sudden but inevitable betrayal! Kenzi looks awesome kicking ass with the staff, spinning around and striking cool samurai poses.

While Kenzi holds off the manpigs, Lauren plays Breaking Bad, whipping up an anti-toxin to destroy the parasite with baking soda and lubricant. Science! She saves the day by injecting Bo and screwing up the spin the bottle game. THANKS LAUREN.

But wait! Kenzi is grappled by the manbearpigs and Vex has an axe, ready to swing at her head. She tries to convince him that he’s a better man for having rejected the Morrigan. He swings anyway, and the axe comes back bloody. Lauren runs in. “Oh Kenzi!”

But Kenzi is fine. Vex axed a pigman. He later claims the pigman shifted and spoiled his aim, but when Vex leaves to find himself, his affection for Kenzi seems pretty genuine. Still, Vex is leaving? Boooooo.

Finally, Kenzi visits Trick to see about the Staff of Plot Device. It makes her queen of the pixies or something, and a champion of justice for her whole life. Problem is, it’s literally bonded to her right hand. She has to say the magic words to get rid of the staff (and the powers), and she decides to do this because she doesn’t want to have to learn to masturbate with her left hand. Seriously.

There are a few odds and ends to get to. The filthiest line of the night goes to Lauren of all people. She comes on strong to Bo, who asks, “What’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing, yet.”

Kenzi referring to her permagrip on the staff as “the worst handjob ever” gets a close second.

We learn that the Morrigan hangs out in a funky little outdoor couch with a half dome over it. That thing was weird, but cool. I kind of want one. Her black dress utterly redefines “slinky,” but girl way overplucks her eyebrows.

While they were silly, Tamsin and Bo bonded. Tamsin revealed that her fae species is valkyrie, and cryptically says that she can never get close to people. She doesn’t explain any further, but valkyries traditionally chose who will live and who will die in a battle. Perhaps that duty requires her to remain impartial.

Oh, and Lauren is ex-military, and Kenzi doesn’t think she’s good enough for Bo, because, “she’s my best friend.” Or because you secretly love her, Kenzi, just admit it!

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