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M. F. Korn

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A lifelong resident of Louisiana, Michael Frederick Korn (MF Korn)writes sort-of-surreal dark fantasy, mostly ‘quiet’ horror and strange science fiction. He is the author of twelve novels, two screenplays and two hundred and forty five short stories.

Three of Michael Korn’s books, CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES, and ALIENS, MINIBIKES AND OTHER STAPLES OF SUBURBIA, and SKIMMING THE GUMBO NUCLEAR were mentioned in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror: Fifteenth Annual Edition.

CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES and RACHMANINOFF’S GHOST were mentioned in The Mammoth Book of New Horror.

A story “The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe” cowritten with D.F. Lewis and Jeff Vandermeer was mentioned in the Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror: Twenty First Annual Edition.

Michael Korn is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He’s cowriting a screenplay with a colleague who just got a movie deal. For now he’s stopped writing loglines and pitches for a Hollywood production company. He’s sending out his twelfth novel which he cowrote with Dave Mathew of Britain and is currently working on another novel with him. He is a member of the HWA. He has degrees in piano performance and computer science.

He has lived in Louisiana all of his life and is grateful to be a part of this interesting state, which has had writers residing within such as Ernest Gaines, George Washington Cable, Robert Olen Butler, John Kennedy Toole, Walker Percy, Tennesee Williams, Lafcadio Hearn, Richard Ford, James Lee Burke, Kate Chopin, Lillian Hellman, Nelson Algren, William Faulkner(who lived in the French Quarter during Prohibition), Truman Capote and Robert Penn Warren. Louisiana has had its share of science fiction and horror authors that lived here as well: E. Hoffmann Price, Poppy Brite, Nancy A. Collins, Anne Rice, Sidney Williams, George A. Effinger, William S. Burroughs (well, ok, literati) (he lived in Algiers, across the river from New Orleans), etc… Every major writer in America and elsewhere has visited (and some stayed for some time in) New Orleans: Mark Twain, Herman Melville, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Bukowski, Malcolm Lowry (he and his wife were editing a late draft of UNDER THE VOLCANO in a bar on St. Ann street in the French Quarter and got thrown out for their trouble), Oscar Wilde, Aldous Huxley, Walt Whitman, Jack Kerouac, Eugene O’Neill, Anita Loos, Eudora Welty, John Dos Passos, William Faulkner, O. Henry, Sherwood Anderson, H.P. Lovecraft, and many others.

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M. F. Korn

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