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Madison County Signing at Dark Delicacies May 8th

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On Tuesday May 8th, horror emporium Dark Delicacies will be hosting a DVD release event for horror thriller Madison County, with signings and probably some discussion with Daniel Dunn (Producer), Ace Marrero (Kyle), Matt Mercer (Will), Natalie Scheetz (Jenna), Joanna Sotomura (Brooke), Marshall Yates (Man with Knife!) and potentially more. If you are in Southern California, stop by the store. They have a great collection of hard to find treasures and these events are a great opportunity for fans.

Tuesday May 8th at 7p.m. Dark Delicacies presents a DVD release signing for Madison County with Daniel Dunn (Producer), Ace Marrero, Matt Mercer, Natalie Scheetz, Joanna Sotomura, Marshall Yates and others to be announced.

madison county

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