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Manitoba Undead

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manitoba undeadRue Morgue reports that those of us who like both hockey and horror may find our H hobbies combined.

Could The ‘H’ in NHL Soon Stand For Horror?
Trevor Tuminski

It’s not often that I get excited about sports, and it’s even more unusual that the worlds of Rue Morgue and professional sports should collide. But as the populace of my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, basks in the throes of ecstasy following the recent announcement that they will once again be home to an NHL hockey team, a fellow named Gerry Bouchard has given me reason to post about it here on The Abattoir.

Back in 1996, Winnipeg lost its beloved team – the Winnipeg Jets – after it was sold to Phoenix, Arizona, to become The Phoenix Coyotes. The city’s denizens were completely deflated, of course, but they’ve come back to life now that a group of local jillionaires has purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and is in the process of relocating them to the River City in time for the 2011-2012 season.

Now the only question remaining: what will the team be called? The public has almost unanimously requested the return of the Jets moniker but the new owners have hinted that they’re looking for a fresh start. Online communities have predictably been abuzz with rumours and hearsay, but more importantly design contests have surfaced to offer some really interesting alternatives, including this entry from Bouchard (see below) that would certainly receive a warm welcome from this reporter. The Manitoba Undead?

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