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Maria Alexander and Lisa Morton Sign at Dark Delicacies

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This past weekend, prestigious horror establishment Dark Delicacies held a group signing which included a number of kickass horror writers. Horror poet Maria Alexander was signing her new collection At Louche Ends and giving fans who lined up to meet her cookies from Macarons Duverger. Horror author Lisa Morton was also signing. As always, award-winning horror impresario Del Howison was at the helm. Check out the Dark Delicacies site for regular signings by interesting people. Sometimes you can order signed books and magazines, even if you do not live close enough to Burbank, California to attend the signing.

Del Howison at Dark Delicacies

Maria Alexander at Dark Delicacies

Come by for an afternoon of signing decadence! Pick up your copy of this celebrated selection of verse and discover why Hellnotes calls it “a narcotic for the senses.”

Can’t make it? No problem! Order your copy online from Dark Del today and I’ll personalize it at the store that afternoon.

“Beasts and blood, the damned and desire. The taste of absinthe, the touch of a knife, the sound of an invocation. Maria Alexander’s new collection of poetry, At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned and the Absinthe-Minded is Maria Alexander at her best. From a vivid recounting of the Persephone myth in ‘The Rage of her Return’ to the heartache of a sister forever changed by a traffic accident in ‘Changeling,’ the poems in this collection engage the reader’s senses and emotions at all levels. Dark as night, sexy as hell, this collection of poetry is not one you will easily forget.”

— Deborah P Kolodji
President, Science Fiction Poetry Association

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