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Maria Alexander Reads Her Xmas Story Coming Home

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Shawn Garret at Pseudopod brings you the auditory pleasure of Maria Alexander reading the creepy holiday story “Coming Home”. Pseudopod, the sound of horror, has been publishing horror podcasts since 2006. Check them out.

pseudopod the sound of horror podcasts

bonus Christmas flash – Coming Home

By Maria Alexander

The text of this story is available at You can also seek out her poetry collection, AT LOUCHE ENDS: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned & the Abinsthe-Minded published by Burning Effigy Press in Toronto and her anthology of stories by award-winning authors: LEFT HANGING: 9 Tales of Suspense and Thrills. Get it on Kindle and Nook today!

“My mouth is sour with whiskey and the loaded shotgun lays heavily across my lap in my sofa chair. This is my Christmas Eve ritual.”


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