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Matt Kennedy

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Matt “Panik” Kennedy is an award-winning writer and art guy. He writes for the printed page, web, and screen. His prolific sci-fi and horror nonfiction has appeared in Maxim, Swing, Giant Robot, Asian Cult Cinema, and multiple blogs. For some time, he handled every written aspect of the special features on most Anchor Bay and Blue Underground DVDs. He has translated manga for Viz, subtitled most of Takashi Miike’s early US releases, all the Panik House titles, and most of the Vitagraph Films. His memoir The Panik Diaries is out later this year.

Matt Kennedy’s day job is Gallery Director at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. And teaching at UCLA.

You can find all articles and fiction relating to Matt Kennedy at tag Matt Kennedy.

blogs: ArtOfficial for La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Exploiting The Media on Forces of Geek, DailyDujour
Twitter: @laluzdejesus
Facebook: 597919718
books on Amazon: Matt Kennedy

matt kennedy

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