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Michael J. Hultquist

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Michael J. Hultquist is a screenwriter and author of mostly dark fiction, horror, and thrillers, though he throws in the occasional comedy to throw everyone off the trail.

His script, VICTIM, has been produced by Pierce Williams Entertainment, and is making the festival route in search of a distributor. He has completed several other scripts for them, all of which are in various stages of limbo. He received his Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA.

He has a weird thing for cornfields and trains, having something to do with how and where he grew up. You’ll notice the imagery in his fiction. In his most recent novels, the main character in HUFFER likes to hang out in the cornfield huffing paint, and OFF TRACK actively incorporates a train and train tracks as a metaphor. Perhaps it is time to visit the shrink.

Michael J. Hultquist is an active member of the Horror Writers Association.

You can also check him out at Quist Interactive, Inc. where he takes orders from himself and does regular work, developing web sites, optimizing information for search engines, and creating multimedia, and eLearning applications.

Author photo from The Hot Zone

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Michael J. Hultquist

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