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Grisly Wear – Severed Finger Necklace!

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Into grisly wear? Show your taste for the macabre. You’ve seen gruesome severed fingers in horror films, but now you can own one. This severed finger necklace will be sure to draw wide-eyed shock and the menacing question: Is it real? Your answer: As close to real as it gets darling. Realistic right down to the slightly protruding bone crafted from a piece of wood. This Severed Finger Necklace is a detailed prosthetic handcrafted by Meaghan O’Keefe of Openwound FX. Meaghan is known for her FX props and prosthetics which have been used in film and tv (Dexter). She also crafts wearable props and prosthetics for horror fans available at her Etsy store. Meaghan mentions on the Openwound FX Facebook fan page that this piece is featured just in time for Valentine’s Day and comes gift-ready, boxed, wrapped in linen, tied with twine. The artist will even customize the digit you choose with a tattoo if you request and pay a slight upcharge. Select digits available, inquire as to availability. If my boyfriend would only give me this for Valentine’s with an engagement ring around it, I would heart him forever.

How romantic!

A full size, severed finger made of high quality silicone painted in fine, gory detail. Life-like to the touch with a wooden “bone” emerging from the stump to complete the effect. The finger is threaded securely to a necklace where it clasps beautifully around your dainty neck.

One finger per necklace. Options of which finger are limited to supply. Feel free to inquire if your favorite digit is available.

Wrapped up on a bed of linen in a box and tied with twine, a Severed Finger Necklace makes the perfect gift.

Custom Tattoos:
Customization is available for an additional $20 if you would like to include a “tattoo” on your finger. Choose the variation “Custom Tattoo” and be sure to provide your Paypal information. We will send you an invoice for the additional $20 charge. The order will not be started until this invoice is paid so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Photos by Robert Burrows

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