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OpenWoundFX Human Skin Couture

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Every girl should have a pair of Gartered Legs in her costume trunk. Why strut leg flesh in gartered thigh highs when it’s so easy to rock the shock look at the next scene party or event. Gartered Legs are latex prosthetics available from Etsy store OpenWoundFX in either Painted or Unpainted sets. The Painted set is ready to apply as is. The Unpainted set lets a girl customize her gory wounds to her villainess vision. OpenWoundFX crafts specialty FX props and latex prosthetics for tv, film, art, scene wear, special events, etc. The OpenWoundFX store is owned by artist Meaghan O’Keefe, a horror aficionado who enjoys creating “gore couture”. The FX talent of Meaghan O’Keefe has been featured on several episodes of the tv show Dexter and in feature film “The Living Dead” (2011). To showcase her props and prosthetics, Meaghan also employs the talents of Merissa Segedi as makeup artist, hair stylist and model. Check out more about Meaghan on her website and eponymous blog. Merissa’s goth stylings and musings can be found on her Who’s In channel: Merissa Segedi.

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