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ParaNorman Star Mailed in Zombie Coffin

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The good folks at the animation studio Laika recently sent out a very cool promotional item for their upcoming anticipated release, “Paranorman”. NotCot, along with other select recipients, received this little gem, which consisted of a wooden crate with the words, “Blithe Hollow Cemetery”, burned into the surface. Once the lid was pried up, it revealed a bed of mossy grass with a tiny shovel perched on top. When the topmost layer was removed, the greenish dirt lay beneath, peppered throughout with a small witch picket fence and a few bricks. After the dirt was removed, a large, ornate coffin appeared with the Paranorman logo and the limited edition number carved into the back. When the coffin is opened, a large, posable movie character lays on a pillow, waiting to be exhumed. Clutched in his arm is a letter, written from The Para Norman Team. On his toe is a toe tag with a written note containing the funeral director’s remarks. It is a spectacular piece, and although does receive promotional items, we didn’t receive this particular piece. We would love to receive any cool monsters in the future and can be contacted here! Get ready for Paranorman and his scary adventures as the movie comes to theatres on August 17, 2012. You can watch the movie trailer in this previous article about “Paranorman” on

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