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Get Pinned – Pinhead Makeup Tutorial

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pinhead hellraiser makeup tutorial

No doubt you’ve seen Hellraiser or followed the entire Hellraiser series of horror flicks. Have you ever thought about going to a Halloween party, horror film themed club night or a Hellraiser event at a Horror Convention made up as Pinhead? Other than buying a Pinhead mask, has the idea of recreating the actual Pinhead look seemed to be both daunting and dangerous? Unlimited Elizabeth, a makeup enthusiast and custom jewelry designer, delivers a Pinhead Halloween Makeup Tutorial which details step-by-step instructions on transforming into Pinhead, including the necessary FX products such as liquid latex, skull cap, nails, etc. While there is some debate in her Youtube comments if her Pinhead look is “safe”, Elizabeth disclaims in her video tutorial: “If you happened to fall on your face, the nails would just collapse or fall over. They are barely hanging on there. It’s not life-threatening.” Elizabeth also features a “Freddy’s Coming For You – Freddy Krueger Makeup Tutorial” and a two part Zombie Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

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