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Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Film Undying Using Kickstarter for Funding

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Greg and Jared Butler have some interesting ideas about zombie movies, and how to make one like you’ve never seen before. They just need $45K to make it happen.

The Butler brothers want to film a movie about heroic zombies in a post-apocalyptic world fighting against evil human oppressors. The zombies are immortals who’ve lived for a hundred years or more, and use various bio-mechanical bodges to hold their deteriorating bodies together. The movie is called Undying. And while I was skeptical at first (whenever someone says they want to “redefine” something, I think, “I’d rather see an old idea done well than some half-baked innovation.”), but the immortal concept is pretty interesting. You could even argue that they’re not really zombies.

Other than the killer concept, the Kickstarter pitch offers very little about the characters and the story. Mostly there’s a shopping list of cool stuff they want to put into the film: Mad Max-esque cars, a guy who does crazy bullwhip stunts, a hot blonde zombie chick, and a detailed miniature set. Those all sound like fun, but they’ll be pointless if the story sucks.

There is one thing to get very excited about: make-up effects will be handled by our favorite Face Off contestant, Eric Fox. He can be seen in the Kickstarter pitch video doing some test make-up. Hopefully if this gets funded, they’ll let Foxy run wild so he can create some outlandish zombies.

Undying is seeking a modest budget of $45,000. If that seems ridiculously low, they’re only planning an initial 10 to 15 minute film. That isn’t made very clear on the Kickstarter page. If you’re interested in helping them make it happen, you can jump in at a bunch of different contributor levels, from a digital copy of the movie to a role in the film itself.

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