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Psylo Fashion

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Psylo Fashion provides comfortable clothing with a fusion of different subcultures. Their original line includes some very nice dark everyday wear. Based in Bali and Camden, where most cool clothing originates, Psylo Fashion produces only hand-made unusual designs.

Psylo’s clothing is a fusion of travelling gear, urban street fashion and club-wear. Our range is versatile and will accompany you throughout the whole day: during your travels, at work or uni, and in the evening when you are relaxing in a club letting the pressure of the day go.

We like to be called independent brand since we don’t do mass production and are truly product driven label. Our designs are unique and edgy, characterised by functionality and comfort. It’s all about distinctive prints, strong accents and edgy cuts. Our garments are hand-crafted and symbolise life, freedom and expression.

Psylo creative team is based in Bali and the rest of the crew works from funky Camden Town. This makes us very close to latest fashion trends from both sides of the globe. In a nutshell Psylo is about enjoying every second of the day to the full since our brand DNA originates in music culture.

Psylo can be purchased from independent retailers and online stores all over the world.

Visit us in our flagship store in Unit 49, The Stables Market, Camden, London to discover the new exciting collection or join our mailing list to stay tuned.

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