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Raygun Robyn Tentacle Messenger Bag Comes to ThinkGeek

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Are you in the market for a laptop bag that will carry your smartphone, cords, a handful of d20, and your beat up copy of H.P. Lovecraft The Complete Collection? The folks over at ThinkGeek have the messenger bag for you. The black messenger bag boasts a tentacle design on the front etched in bleach allowing for shades of deep red and rust orange to develop in varying degrees. The designer, Raygun Robyn, ensures each item she produces is a one-of-a-kind as each is handmade by her. Using a bleach-stencil method, and no, repeat, NO glitter, no two items will look the same. Be prepared for your order to differ from the bag shown in the photo, and feel confident that no one else will own it. With dimensions of 16” x 11 ½” x 4 ¾”, it contains interior and exterior zippered pockets, side pockets, and a shoulder strap. Any Cthulhu lover will relish the tentacled goodness. Use it for school, for work, or for play – there are no limits to the Tentacle Messenger Bag’s usefulness! For more of Raygun Robyn’s wonderful creations, visit her

tentacle messenger bag inuse

tentacle messenger bag laptop

tentacle messenger bag

Arms all around!

The bag measures 16″ x 11 1/2″ x 4 3/4″
Has adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap with antique brass slider and d-ring
Has a large flap with magnetic snap; exterior and interior zippered pockets; storage side pockets.

You know, it’s a revelation when you see a DIY project you did in high school done really well. “Oh, so THAT’S what it’s supposed to look like.” That’s exactly what we thought when we saw this bleach-stenciled bag. This tentacle stuff elevates the common bleach stencil to a whole other level, so we were pretty excited when this artist out of Baltimore got to the point where she could accommodate ThinkGeek’s cephalopodic needs. Note that because the design is handmade for each bag, the placement of the tentacles on each bag is unique. We don’t know what you’re going to get, but we can promise it won’t look just like it does in these photos. That’s how art works.

The tentacle messenger bag is black in color. Its large enough to fit your laptop and other accessories. Hold on to it tight, else the arms will grab it away from you!

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