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Rue Morgue Tagline Contest

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Over at the Rue Morgue site, they recently ran a contest that allowed listeners of their podcasts to come up with a provocative and ballsy tagline for any horror film. The only requirement was that the tagline needed to be original and along the lines of something you would see on a t-shirt. Ten lucky people would win a horror t-shirt of their choice from Fast Custom Shirts, and one grand prize winner would receive a prize pack from’s very own amazingly talented, Chad Savage, which includes an art print of their choice from his website, a set of 5 blank Halloween cards, and a Jack of 1000 Faces Original Run t-shirt. Read more about Chad’s awesome talent here. Along with this would be a signed Rue Morgue Radio poster, and a DVD of Eric Stanze’s RATLINE.

They had many great entries to choose from, including:
Pipebomb – Alien 3: Fuck Newt.
Satan’s Favorite Son – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale: Suddenly, bein’ Jewish doesn’t seem so bad.
Dark Mark – The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence): It’s a wronger, longer conga.

Go check out Rue Morgue, and while you’re at it, listen to a podcast or two. Who knows, maybe Lance will give you a Coke and some cheese…

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