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Save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel from Night of the Living Dead!

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Do you remember the opening cemetery scene in George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”? One of the films most famous lines was uttered here, “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” The cemetery where it was filmed is the Evans City Cemetery, located in Evans City, PA. The small chapel that can be seen in the film still stands, but it is need of some serious repair, $50,000 to be exact. Fans have put together an effort to try and save the chapel in the hopes that it will create an income by allowing people to visit, take tours, and even renew vows on the site. They are using various fundraisers such as Night of the Living Dead screenings, art shows, and zombie walks, along with Facebook to promote their cause. Right now it’s boarded up, and Gary Streiner, who was a sound engineer on the film and also leads the cause, believes that more fans would come to see it if it were restored. There are even hopes to make it into a museum dedicated to the film itself. Please help them out by contributing to the restoration of this iconic location.

Save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel from Night of the Living Dead

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