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Schaffner Press Submissions Guidelines (Paying Market)

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Schaffner Press publishes books with social relevance. Although they are not a genre press, they do publish horror, provided it is really top quality innovative work, such as the writing of Todd Grimson.

schaffner press

Since Schaffner Press is a small independent press with a list of about 4-­6 books a year, it is important that, before querying, you peruse the website to determine if your project would be suitable. Also, bear in mind that, while the press publishes both fiction and non-fiction, it adheres to a specific theme behind each title: that being books with social relevance.

If you believe that your work is appropriate to the mission of the press, please send an email to the attention of Tim Schaffner at to introduce yourself and tell me a little something about your project. Please do not attach any manuscript files unless specifically requested. However, you may add a pdf of your resume, vita or narrative bio, giving information relevant to your work, and ongoing projects.

I will try to respond to your query in a couple of days of receipt and will let you know if I would like to consider your work. While it is the norm these days to submit e-manuscripts via email, I still prefer a hard copy of the ms. or proposal be sent to my attention at POB 41567, Tucson, Az 85717.

If your work has been requested for consideration, and once you have heard from me of its receipt, please allow four to six weeks for a response.

Thank you for your interest in Schaffner Press.

Tim Schaffner Press

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